shorterm12-sliderWeek of 9/13/2013 – 9/19/2013

Hello, everyone. We’re back to doing our weekly news and events updates on the blog, which, if you haven’t noticed, got a facelift last month and is now all fancy looking. Quite a lot of stuff going on this week, including the last of our trilogy of outdoor screenings.

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This week we’ve added Brie Larson’s drama Short Term 12 (Tickets) to the slate. Larson plays a 20-something who works at a foster care center and just cares so much about her little wards. I heard about it on NPR, and you probably did too. As for the rest of the theater, we’re holding on to Lake Bell’s In A World (Tickets) in Theater 1, and move Drinking Buddies (Tickets) to Theater 3.

Funk and Time Travel at the Movies

Tonight, Live+Sound+Cinema favorite Morricone Youth returns to Nitehawk to perform the iconic score of Foxy Brown (Tickets) along with the movie. Come for the music, stay for Pam Grier laying some motherfuckers out. Also, she takes her clothes off quite a lot.

If time travel is more your game, our Find The Time series continues this week with Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Tickets), a film about a boy and his robot and also another robot that wants to kill the boy. You’ll leave looking like this, we promise:


Our third midnight is Brian De Palma’s newest film, Passion (Tickets), which is all kinds of sexy and murdery in that Dressed to Kill kind of way.

Eggs with a side of Skinheads

Our ongoing series with Noisey continues this Saturday and Sunday with a pair of screenings of Shane Meadows’ UK cult favorite This is England (Tickets), about a wilely little kid who gets wrapped up with a bunch of working class skinheads in early 80’s London. The soundtrack is loaded with ska, 2 tone and punk, capturing that era in Thatcher’s England when everything kind of sucked, but at least the music was good. Bucket, from the US ska band The Toasters, will be Skyping in after the film to talk about the movie and, I don’t know, skanking, I guess.

A new series of The Works gets underway this weekend, this time concentrating on the directorial works of Terry Gilliam. We’re getting started with one of Gilliam’s first films, the insanely weird and upsetting (to me, anyways) Time Bandits (Tickets), about a boy who gets shanghaied by a bunch of time travelling dwarves.


A Fast Times Beer Dinner, and Goldfinger Beneath a Bridge

On Tuesday, September 17, we’re holding our last (for now!) free outdoor screening at Havemeyer Park with a screening of the first really great Bond film GoldfingerWe’ll be there with popcorn and booze from Brooklyn Brewery, and Brooklyn Star and Oddfellows will also be sharing the burden in feeding you insatiable people. Morricone Youth will be playing before the film as well. I’d call it a pretty stacked night of free entertainment. RSVP, though. We need to know how much popcorn to make.

After that, on Wednesday, we’ve teamed up with California brewer Lagunitas for a multi-course menu of food and beer all paired with specific scenes from Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Tickets). Beer, food and nudity. The holy trinity.

Cafe Programming

03 09-13

Monday, 10pm | Simpsons Club; We’ve entered a kind of golden period for Simpsons Club, with nearly every episode qualifying as a stone cold classic. This week Lisa gets a knack for Hockey, Homer becomes a pariah (again), and Grandpa gets Springfield into the sack with his specially made Revitalizing Tonic. Full program here.