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Each of the VICE Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series at Nitehawk Cinema includes an accompanying written contribution section featuring texts by those who have a relationship with the film. For our Paths of Glory screening, we have Kubrick scholar James Naremore (see excerpt below) share his thoughts and include an unpublished interview with James B. Harris, Kubrick’s creative partner for over a decade and produced The KillingPaths of Glory, and Lolita.

Apparently there was another kind of warfare between Kubrick and producer-star Kirk Douglas, who, in his autobiography, calls Kubrick a “talented shit.” Douglas claims that he had to angrily insist on the picture’s unhappy, historically accurate ending. Whatever the case, he also made sure that the character he plays was built up into one of the most sympathetic and courageous protagonists in any Kubrick movie (to find a similar character in a Kubrick picture see Spartacus, which Douglas also produced). The tension between star and director was nevertheless productive: Paths of Glory is a dark, emotionally powerful film in which Douglas’s passionate humanism tempers Kubrick’s harsh, traumatic view of European history.

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