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Joseph Gordon Levitt’s porny, Joisey-accented directorial debut, Don Jon (Tickets), opens at Nitehawk today on two screens. Shows have already begun to sell out, so if you’re reading this, close all of your internet porn tabs and buy tickets now, then have an awkward conversation after the movie about how much porn you watch. Not that much, really, honestly….

Theater 3 will be doing heavy lifting this week, splitting time between Salinger (Tickets) and sex-addiction drama Thanks For Sharing (Tickets). In A World (Tickets) will stay on for a pair of Midnite screenings.


One Nite Only

Speaking of In A World (Tickets), the film’s writer, director and star Lake Bell will be at Nitehawk this Tuesday for a special Q&A moderated by Jada Yuan from New York Magazine. The Q&A should be great, but you could also just come to stare at Lake Bell. If you’re reading this, Lake Bell, I’m getting married in two weeks, but those plans can be very easily cancelled.

On Monday, we’ve invited Cartoon Carnival (Tickets) to share their collection of rare, weird and quirky 16mm shorts. The screening is lil’ hawk friendly, and a great chance to teach your children how weird cartoons were 1918.

On Wednesday, October 2 join talk-show icon Richard Bey, Morton Downey Jr.’s bodyguard David Giegold, and the three-headed monster responsible for directing Évocateur:  The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (Tickets) for its DVD release party and screening!


Sexy Cheerleaders & The Scary Bunnymen

We have two midnite features this weekend, the first is our Nitehawk Naughty pick Revenge of the Cheerleaders (Tickets), a mid-seventies sex-comedy about a group of high school cheerleaders who love drugs and having sex, and also hate authority figures. Dream girls, basically. The film’s director, Richard Lerner, will be in attendance on Friday night.

Our other midnite feature is Donnie Darko (Tickets), Richard Kelly’s wackadoo psyched out coming-of-age film about a boy who sees a bunny that tell him to burn shit down. Also, time travel and other dimensions. Oh, and Patrick Swayze!

backto the futuresldr

Take Me Away, I Don’t Mind

We’re closing out our time travel series this month at brunch with Back to the Future (Tickets) the only time-twisted adventure film bold enough to ask whether or not you would get down with your young, hot mom.

Our other brunch film this weekend is a little louder. We’ve invited metal band Black Lodge to score Fritz Lang’s landmark sci-fi film Metropolis (Tickets) this weekend. Wake up the best way possible: eggs and just a REALLY LOUD GUITAR.

Cafe Programs

Simpsons Club; Monday, 10pm

This week Simpsons Club covers a few more great episodes: Homer goes to clown college; the Simpsons clan takes on Australia and their biiiiIiig beers, and Homer judges a film festiv–FOOTBALL TO THE GROIN! FOOTBALL TO THE GROIN!

Live DJ, Animated Movie; Tuesday, 8pm

This Tuesday, Women and Men presents the classic anime film AKIRA scored by a live DJ-set of 80’s J-pop, and electronic music the world over. It’s a free event, and should be quite busy. Get there early!