shout at the devil

“Lord Satan, Horned One of the Sabbath.

I come before you, alone, my soul exposed.

In complete devotion, I kneel.

Receive this from me, my greatest desire.

You are my Master,

and I am your Chosen.”

Prayer of Allegiance

This month at Nitehawk we stand up to the devil and SHOUT, with a series of movies about the Lord of Darkness and the warriors of light with gumption to stand up to ol’ Beelzebub.

Also, our first all-night movie marathon, A Nite to Dismember, on Halloween; a slew of horror movies; Machete Kills opens; Treehouse of Horror at Simpsons Club and more.


Akira October 1; 8pm| Cafe | Free
Animated Movie, Live DJ

On Tuesday, Oct 1, Classic anime fully scored by a live DJ. “A retelling through Japanese pop of the past to contemporary synthpop from Sweden to Japan and everything in between.”

In A World

October 1; 7:55 | Buy Tickets
In A World (2013) with Lake Bell Q&A

Lake Bell, the writer, director, and star of the voice-over comedy In A World will be at Nitehawk on Tuesday, October 1 for a special screening of the film followed by a Q&A with New York Magazine writer Jada Yuan. It’s your last chance to see the film before we send it to pasture, and your only chance to see the woman who made it. Maybe if we’re really nice, she’ll come to The Woods with us and sing karaoke like she does in the movie. I doubt that, though.


October 2; 9:30 | Buy Tickets
Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie (2012)

Trash TV titan Morton Downey Jr. made a lot of people really angry. He was loud and vulgar and probably constantly reeked of cigarettes. His daytime talk show took civil debate and morphed it into ridiculous spectacle with the populist Downey belittling and frustrating his guests into oblivion. He told Ron Paul that he wanted to puke on him, Al Sharpton got shoved out of his chair at the Apollo theater. If that offends, he had two words: “zip it.”

For this screening of Evocatuer: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie, we’ve invited out the film’s three directors, along with Morton’s former bodyguard and Troma godfather Lloyd Kauffman out for a Q&A after the show.

BrazilOctober 4 & October 5; Midnite | Buy Tickets
The Works: Terry Gilliam: Brazil (1985)

Terry Gilliam’s high futurist fantasy Brazil is about a hapless cog in a dystopian regime who’s suddenly jarred into reality by a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. When he starts to resist his bosses though, he quickly finds himself blamed for a string of terror attacks. Absolutely stunning, and wildly weird, Brazil is probably Gilliam’s most essential film.

Blood Sucking Freaks

October 4 & October 5; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Nitehawk Nasties: Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) in 35mm

In this Troma classic, a live piece of performance art where sickos torture people on stage becomes the hot new ticket in town, but that’s only because they’re masquerading that all the violence is staged. It isn’t. This dude lobs off peoples’ heads, crushes heads, and pulls out eyeballs and has them for a little snack. The movie might be violent as hell, but it’s also goofy, with blood splattering every which way and a dreadful promise to make ANYONE WRETCH. Test your might at this Nitehawk Nasty.


October 5 & October 6; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Country Brunchin’: Deliverance (1972)

Maybe Noon is a bit too early for the ultimate indigestible southern fried classic Deliverance, but pairing the film with an opening set from The Woes was too good to pass up. Much more than Ned Beatty’s notorious rape scene, Deliverance illustrates the struggle between the new south and the old, and how progress-crazed developers can steamroll entire communities without batting an eye. It’s also one of the most intense popular films ever released.


October 5 & October 6; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Shout at the Devil: Legend (1985)

Tim Curry straps on a pair of gigantic horns and becomes The Lord of Darkness in Ridley Scott’s fantasy classic Legend. With the deaths of the world’s last two unicorns (*snicker*), dark Lord is finally able to spread his evil worldwide, and it’s up to baby-faced Tom Cruise (*chortle*) to descend into darkness and SAVE MANKIND


Mondays at 10pm | Cafe | Free
Simpsons Club Presents: Treehouse of Horror Month

Simpsons Club is being put on pause for the entire month of October for a full-on Treehouse of Horror marathon. Every Monday in October, we’ll be screening four episodes of one of television’s best long-running tradtions: The Simpsons Halloween Specials. Click here for the full schedule.

driller killer

October 10; 9:30pm | Buy Tickets
The Deuce: The Driller Killer (1979) in 35mm

The Deuce and Times Square Theater present Abel Ferrara’s electric powered gristle and murder-fest The Driller Killer in 35mm. Shot entirely in New York in 1977 and 1978, the film became a standard for the city’s theaters. Abel Ferrara will be at the screening to answer your questions and, I guess, sign your power drills.


October 11 & October 12; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Live + Sound + Cinema: Vampire Lovers (1970) in 35mm

Our late night loud movie this month is Vampire Lovers, a Hammer Films classic that’s all blood, teeth and heaving bosoms — just like every other Hammer movie! The film will be scored by A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, a one man David Lynch-inspired electronic artist.

House of the Devil

October 11 & October 12; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Shout at the Devil: The House of the Devil (2009)

Ti West’s modern masterpiece, The House of the Devil is an 80’s inspired slow-burn of a horror film. The film is short on visceral scares, opting instead to slowly ratchet up the tension as a young college girl hired to watch over an isolated house becomes increasingly afraid that something’s amiss in these old walls. Easily one of the best horror films of the last decade, The House of the Devil is not to be missed.

Rosemary's Baby 02

October 12 & October 13; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Shout at the Devil: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

An ambitious actor and his beautiful new wife, Rosemary, move into their dream home in the Dakota, only to find that their nosy new neighbors have completely weaseled their way into their lives. When Rosemary becomes pregnant, she becomes increasingly isolated from her peers, being tended after by her neighbors and all of their odd tinctures and herbal remedies. As her pregnancy shapes into something odd, almost other-wordly, she begins to suspect outside forces are at work in her life. All of Them Witches.

Devil and DJ

October 12 & October 13; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Music Driven: The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2005)

For October’s MUSIC DRIVEN Nitehawk and Noisey present The Devil and Daniel Johnston, the 2005 documentary on manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist Daniel Johnston.

Life of Brian

October 18 & October 19; Midnite | Buy Tickets
The Works: Terry Gilliam: Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1978) in 35mm

While Holy Grail gets all of the attention — what with the musicals and t-shirts and the incessant quoting from 15-year-olds — Python’s Life of Brian is easily their best movie. While it targets Christianity specifically, the film lampoons every type of religion by following Brian, a man born down the way from Jesus and who constantly gets dragged into the messianic life.

Black Sunday

October 18 & October 19; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Shout at the Devil: Black Sunday (1960)

For its time period, Black Sunday is a surprisingly violent film, one that opens with a witch getting a spiked mask hammered onto her face. The problem, though, the lady really is a witch, and when she’s brought back to life by some travelling dopes, she begins to take her revenge out on the family that killed her the first time.

Dorian Gray

October 19 & October 20; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Art Seen: The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) in 35mm

For Halloween, ART SEEN screens a film classic where art and horror meet. A portrait painting becomes the site of horror in this stunning cinematic adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Artist Film Club presents Marnie Weber’s The Night of Forevermore and Frieze Video: Richard Mosse’s The Impossible Image.


October 19 & October 20; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Spoons, Toons and Booze Halloween Special

It’s an all Halloween STB this month, with all of the fixins’… if by fixins’ you mean cereal and alcohol.


October 25 & October 26; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Shout at the Devil: The Exorcist (1973)

True story: When my father saw The Exorcist in 1973 at a small theater in Norfolk, Va, something really spooky occurred. Right when Linda Blair’s head began spinning around, the man in front of him began convulsing, collapsing on the floor in a seizure that no one noticed because they were too glued to the movie screen. Maybe that can happen to you when we show The Exorcist. Well… maybe not the seizure, but something. Maybe someone will throw up!

Daughters of Darkness 01

October 25 & October 26; Midnite | Buy Tickets
Nitehawk Naughties: Daughters of Darkness (1971) in 35mm

Our Halloween Nitehawk Naughty is the saucy, high Gothic Belgian vampire yarn Daughters of Darkness. Part of a genre that already heavily fetishistic, Daughters of Darkness takes the vampire genre’s tendency towards campy eroticism and cranks it all the way up.

The film follows an aged female vampire, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, enjoying an off-season holiday at a lush hotel on the cold Belgian coast. When she’s not in town snatching up young girls, the countess spends her days transfixed on the hotel’s only other occupants, a newlywed couple on honeymoon; as well as spending a great deal of time with her young, almost constantly naked, uh… “secretary.”

Devil's Advocate

October 26 & October 27; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Shout at the Devil: The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

I don’t know what’s better, Al Pacino as a hammy Lucifer or Keanu Reeves’ truly awe-inspiring butchering of a southern accent. I think I like the accent.

Cat and the Canary

October 26 & October 27; Brunch | Buy Tickets
Live + Sound + Cinema: The Cat and the Canary (1927)

An expressionist’s crack at blending humor with Horror, The Cat and the Canary takes place in a haunted mansion, where a young heiress falls in the crosshairs of an escaped lunatic known as The Cat. One of the first Universal horror films. The film will be scored live, in the theater by Guizot.

Two For the Road

October 29; 9:30 | Buy Tickets
VICE Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series: Two for the Road (1967) in 35mm

Part of the VICE Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series at Nitehawk Cinema. Two for the Road is a late 1960s British comedy/drama that tracks the winding road of life taken by a couple (Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney) through their decade-long marriage.

Phantom 02

October 31; 7:30 | Buy Tickets
Live + Sound + Cinema: The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

Nitehawk’s annual Halloween nite Live Sound Cinema event returns this year with a presentation of Phantom of the Opera featuring a live score by Black Lodge. So it will be a bit more like Phantom of the Drone Band. BRWAAAAAGNNNWWNNNGGGGGGGGNnngngngnGGG

Nite to Dismember

October 31; 10pm – 8am | Buy Tickets
A Nite to Dismember

This Halloween, we’re ringing in the season with an all-night horror movie marathon. Five films covering all of your favorite horror monsters: the werewolf (An American Werewolf in London), the witch (Burn, Witch, Burn), the vampire (Fright Night), the masked murderer (The Burning) and the zombie (Dawn of the Dead). Hosted by Fangoria’s Sam Zimmerman and Nitehawk’s Kris King.

Sleep is for the weak.