Deliverance (John Boorman, 1972) with a pre-show performance by The Woes | Buy Tickets

Our Country Brunchin’ selection goes dark this October (just in time for Halloween) with John Boorman’s unforgettable film Deliverance. Last year, in honor of its 40th anniversary, Kim Morgan wrote about the film and interviewed cast members on Huffington Post. We’ve included a particularly poignant excerpt from Jon Voight below and encourage you to read the entire piece

 Yes, yes. When he’s losing his touch with his family. What that reminds me of is all the guys that we send to war. You understand what they go through. They go through all of those feelings and then they have to put themselves on the line… they don’t know if they’re coming back. All of those guys — that’s true bravery. Anyway, that piece of the film in the book is brilliantly written, of course when you’re doing a film, as opposed to the novel you can’t get all this stuff in. But with these two brilliant imagists, Dickey on the one hand and Boorman on the other — one gives you the visual poetry and the other gives you the verbal poetry. But in the book it goes on for five pages… It was exciting to participate in that [scene]. It was the one thing that drew me to the film, that scene, that moment that you’re talking about.  When he has this catharsis in the middle and a crisis and he almost breaks apart halfway up the climb, and he loses his touches with his family and civilization, and then he has to get himself together and then continue on the way. It was exciting to be the person to embody that one chapter in the book.