Week of 10/4/2013 – 10/10/2013


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This week we open the new feature Muscle Shoals (Tickets), a documentary about the world famous FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AK, where the lieks of Wilson Pickett Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones and a laundry list of other incredible musicians recorded some of their best work. I mean, “Freebird” was recorded there. FREEBIRD.

If you don’t like good music (that sweet soul music), but do like pornography, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s PornHub advertisement, Don Jon (Tickets), holds strong in two theaters. We also have Lake Bell’s In A World (Tickets) for midnight screenings this weekend.


One Nite Only

The Deuce continues this month with a very special guest, director Abel Ferrara, who will be doing a Q&A after his notorious splatterhouse favorite The Driller Killer (Tickets) presented in in 35mm.



In Bloodsucking Freaks (Tickets), a gang of crazies take the age old tradition of faking gruesome acts of violence on stage shake things up a bit. Instead of faking the death and dismemberment, they just start murdering and dismembering people — no one really notices the difference anyway.

If the state of our federal government frustrates you, just be thankful you don’t live in the world of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (Tickets), where bureaucracy reigns supreme in a jacked up super city.



In Deliverance (Tickets), the construction of a dam way out in the sticks of Georgia threatens to flood one of the state’s beautiful rivers, a group of four city-boys venture out to sow their wild oats. The welcoming committee isn’t so nice though. The NYC-based band The Woes will be performing a set before the show.

To kick off our Shout at the Devil series, movies about the Devil and people yelling at him, we have Ridley Scott’s pixie-dust fantasy Legend (Tickets).

Cafe Programming


Monday, 10pm | Simpsons Club Presents: Treehouse of Horror Month

This month, we’re putting normal proceedings on hold for the Halloween season with a month-long Treehouse of Horror marathon. Sixteen of our favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes shown in no particular order, with a return of original airdate commercials as well!

This week: the first Treehouse of Horror, Treehouse of Horror VII, Treehouse X and Treehouse XIII.