Shout at the Devil: Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski, 1968) 
Saturday, October 12 & Sunday, October 13 | Brunch | Buy Tickets

1) I’d sell my soul to live in the Bramford (aka The Dakota in real life) in 1960s New York with John Cassavetes. 

2) I’m always delighted that horror shocker William Castle produced Rosemary’s Baby and always as equally happy that he didn’t wind up directing it. Fun fact: Castle has a cameo in the film, watch out for him when Rosemary is in the telephone booth.

3) It also always weirds me out that Charles Grodin stars in Rosemary’s Baby, apparently his first movie role (he’s Dr. Hill, the doctor Rosemary leaves for the satanically sanctioned Dr. Sapirstein).

4) My favorite Cassavetes delivery: “there a bunch of not very bright bitches who outta mind their own business!”


5) Ruth Gordon. That’s all.

6) The costume design in Rosemary’s Baby is to die for: the Castevet’s waking patterned attire, Ruth Gordon’s blue eye makeup, and Mia Farrow’s shift dresses.

7) Fun fact: Elisha Cook, who plays the building supervisor, was also in another William Castle film, House on Haunted Hill

8) From the buildings to the dinners to the policemen to the pregnant patients, everything and everyone in this film is textured with beautiful saturated color.


9) Food plays such an important role in this film. Starting with the revealing dinner with Hutch and the fateful dinner with the Castevets then onto all things Rosemary: baby-making night, pregnancy urges, her weight, and nursing her back to health post-delivery.

10) I think Rosemary’s Baby is my favorite film. And that’s saying a lot.

(Side note: don’t ever read Ira Levin’s sequel to Rosemary’s Baby.)