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Halloween is upon us and we’re delighted to invite you over to the Overlook Hotel for The Shining Film Feasts dinner with Nitehawk and our beer partner Allagash Brewery. To get you ready, we’ve listed below the specific scenes that inspired our menu!

SHININGTONYHors D’oeuvre: Tony
pan perdu, smoked bacon and jicama jam, honey roasted peanuts
Beer Pairing: Allagash White

As Danny Torrence munches on his PB&J Sandwich we’re introduced to Tony. The little boy who lives in Danny’s mouth and communicates through Danny’s finger. As his Father Jack accepts the position of caretaker at the Overlook Tony warns of the danger ahead.

SHININGDOC&CHEFHOLERANNAppetizer: Doc & Chef Hallorann
lamb carpaccio, extra virgin and black pepper ice cream, parmesan crisps
Beer Pairing: Allagash Confluence

We meet Chef Dick Hallorann at the Overlook who recognizes Danny as having the “Shine” to him. As they sit and talk in the hotel’s kitchen Danny voices his concern about what took place at the Overlook. Chef Hallorann offers some insights into the gift they both share and tries to calm Danny’s fears.

SHININGTWINSFrom The Sea: The Twins
scallop mousse, seared scallops, snow pea puree
Beer Pairing: Allagash Hugh Malone

As he cruises through the hallways of the Overlook Danny is confronted with another terrifying vision of the Grady twins and the aftermath of their fate.

SHININGLLOYD-1From The Land: Lloyd
bourbon braised short rib, sweet potato cakes, bourbon reduction
Beer Pairing: Allagash Curieux

Jack returns to the Gold Room for another drink with the all knowing bartender Lloyd. A seemingly random accident causes Jack to cross paths with Delbert Grady who is part of the lore of the Overlook.

peanut butter oreo brownie
Beer Pairing: Allagash Black

A thwarted attack on Wendy finds Jack knocked out cold and locked in the kitchen pantry. He is eventually visited by an unseen Delbert Grady and released after offering reassurance he will take care of the “business” they’ve discussed.