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Nitehawk Naughties: Daughters of Darkness (1971)

October 25 & October 26; Midnite | Buy Tickets

Daughters of Darkness is a saucy take on the legend of lady-vampire Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who was an accomplished serial killer in the late-16th century. In this story, Bathory has gone on holiday to an near-abandoned off-season beach hotel with her bang-ed, almost always naked companion, Andrea Rau. The two of them take a shine to the hotel’s only other pair of occupants, a pair of honeymooning newlyweds, and spend the movie seducing the pair into various vulnerable positions.

There are a lot of sexy vampires in movies, but which of them are the sexiest sexy vampires? We thought about it for longer than we care to admit and came up with the following, a list that features two (two!) Sarandons.


Andrea Rau – Daughters of Darkness


Carroll Borland – Mark of the Vampire

chris leeChristopher Lee – Hammer’s Dracula

ingridpittIngrid Pitt – The Vampire Lovers

jeanrollinAll the Jean Rollin Women

joseJoséphine de La Baume – Kiss of the Damned

chris sarandonChris Sarandon – Fright Night

susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon – The Hunger

lilyYvonne De Carlo – The Munsters

LucySadie Frost – Bram Stoker’s Dracula