Ghoultide Greetings, potential Nitehawk patrons. It’s the week of Halloween, which means we are dead excited to be host to all of your food-and-horror-movie based cravings. We’re also playing Two for the Road, which isn’t scary at all. Not everyone likes scary stuff.


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This week, we’re opening up a movie that’s been out for a bit, but is still pretty great: Edgar Wright’s apocalyptic pub-crawl The World’s End (Buy Tickets). If you want to see some genre fun this Halloween but without the blood and guts, this movie is a pretty solid bet. I liked it, is what I’m saying, and you should too.

Other than that we have a bunch of other movies too: the new version of Carrie (Buy Tickets) is getting bumped up to Theater 1 after a strong performance last week; Don Jon (Buy Tickets) gets smooth with the ladies and then jerks off a bunch in Theater 2; Machete Kills (Buy Tickets) still in theater 3 alongside a lovely family of cannibals in We Are What We Are (Buy Tickets).


Halloween at Nitehawk

Our first big event this coming Halloween is our special Live + Sound + Cinema presentation of Phantom of the Opera (Buy Tickets), which will be scored by our favorite very loud drone band Black Lodge.

After that, the main event: A Nite to Dismember (Buy Tickets), our first all-night horror movie marathon. Starting at 10pm, we will be screening five of our favorite horror films in a row, starting off with An American Werewolf in London, and then plowing through Burn Witch Burn, Fright Night, The Burning, and Dawn of the Dead.

The event will be hosted by Fangoria associate editor Sam Zimmerman and Nitehawk’s Kris King (That’s me! Look, mom!), who will try desperately to keep you awake the entire night with a costume contest, trivia, random prizes, shorts — the works. Stay up late.


Late Nite Sexy Vamps & Horrifying Devil Vomit

Daughters of Darkness (Buy Tickets) is a Belgian erotic vampire tale about an ancient duchess and her sexy tomboy assistant spending a blustery vacation at an off-season coastal hotel. They meet up with a pair of English honeymooners and the whole clan becomes intensely infatuated with one-another. Which would be great, were it not for the whole vampire thing.

The Exorcist (Buy Tickets). William Friedkin’s horror classic tore audiences to shreds on its release, and now it’s your chance to get dizzy and throw up in public.


The Brunch & The Canary

Guizot will be on hand this weekend to perform the score to The Cat and the Canary (Buy Tickets), a silent comic horror from 1921 made by German Expressionist Paul Leni.

Speaking of comic horror, The Devil’s Advocate (Buy Tickets) closes out our Shout at the Devil October program as Al Pacino shouts and convulses his way through an awesome Devil performance. Also: Keanu Reeves’ terrible southern accent. I’M THE DEVIL, SHOW ME YOUR ASS, HOOWA


Special Screenings

Our Vice and Film Foundation series is another one of those things we do here where I always forget some detail when I write about it. So here’s the official rundown for our screening of Two for the Road (Buy Tickets) on Tuesday, October 29 that I lifted from our website:

“Part of the VICE Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series at Nitehawk Cinema. Two for the Road is a late 1960s British comedy/drama that tracks the winding road of life taken by a couple through their decade-long marriage. Includes a recorded introduction by Schawn Belston from Fox who restored Two for the Road.”

Sounds nice!

Zipper (Buy Tickets) is a timely documentary that brings the near-decade long redevelopment policies of Mayor Bloomberg into tight focus. By concentrating on a single Coney Island attraction, the Zipper, the film brings all of the issues of rezoning and gentrification to light. See it here, and then walk around Williamsburg feeling terrible about yourself. The film screens Wednesday, October 30 at 9:30pm.

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Cafe Programs

Monday, 10pm | We’ve saved the best for last for Treehouse of Horror Month, four of our absolute favorite Treehouse episodes. Homer sells his soul for a donut; a nuclear bomb takes out Springfield; Homer turns into the Blob; plus a great Nightmare on Elm Street parody. Get your Halloween week started right.

Wednesday, 8pm | Horror Movie Trivia makes its big return to the cafe. We have five categories lined up that test your horror movie might. Great prizes, some mini-games and free drinks to those who earn them. 5 People per Team, Free to Play. Arrive early to secure seats!