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A Nite to Dismember — October 31, 10pm – 8am (Buy Tickets)

A Nite to Dismember is Nitehawk’s first all-night horror movie marathon happening Halloween night from 10pm to 8am. We’re playing five of our favorite horror films that night (An American Werewolf in LondonBurn Witch BurnFright NightThe Burning and Dawn of the Dead), and to get in the spirit, we decided to discuss our favorite scene from each of the Nite to Dismember films here on the blog.

Hatched Co-Editor and Nitehawk Programmer Caryn Coleman on Burn Witch Burn.


The deepest cut of our Nite to Dismember films, Burn Witch Burn might just be the scariest. This 1962 black-and-white British film was originally titled Night of the Eagle (which will make sense once you see the film) and was co-written by horror maestro Richard Matheson (I am Legend, The Twilight Zone). Unexpectedly creepy in its depiction of witchcraft in the name of scholarly recognition, Burn Witch Burn combines a haunting mix of voodoo, superstition, revenge and sacrifice.

In an effort to not spoil the spoilers, I’ll just say this…The story centers on psychology professor Norman Tailer and his witchcraft-practicing wife Tansy. Although lecturing about superstition, he doesn’t believe in it, so when he discovers Tansy’s witchy ways, he makes her stop.

Unfortunately that’s when the bad things, like rape allegations from students, start happening it’s from this point that the Burn Witch Burn takes a very dark turn. Tansy’s ritual to save her husband against the evil forces at work bleeds into incredibly creepy scenes in their home, in the ocean, and at the university.

Definitely the most serious of the Nite to Dismember lot, Burn Witch Burn sets the perfect tone for Halloween night. One where your friends and family are witches and you realize that evil forces aren’t a work of fiction but a horrible reality.