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A Nite to Dismember — October 31, 10pm – 8am (Buy Tickets)

A Nite to Dismember is Nitehawk’s first all-night horror movie marathon happening Halloween night from 10pm to 8am. We’re playing five of our favorite horror films that night (An American Werewolf in LondonBurn Witch BurnFright NightThe Burning and Dawn of the Dead), and to get in the spirit, we decided to discuss our favorite scene from each of the Nite to Dismember films here on the blog.

Hatched Co-Editor Kris King discusses Fright Night.

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I’ve always had a soft spot for horror movies with a sense of pubescent energy and adventure. Stories about young adults who discover that the normal world that’s rejected them isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and that the secret world of vampires and monsters aren’t just the stuff of late-night television.

Tom Holland’s Fright Night is the best of such features (Fred Dekker’s horror movies Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps are both good examples). A version of Rear Window for the nerdy shut-in set, Fright Night follows Charlie, a young horror nerd, as he attempts to convince an unbelieving world that Jerry–his dashing dreamboat of a next door neighbor– is actually of the nosferatu, the living dead, a man who spends his evenings draining prostitutes of blood.

No one believes Charlie’s story about Jerry, not even the boy’s hero, the local late-night horror host Peter Vincent (Roddy MacDowell). When his only ally, Evil Ed, realizes that being a vampire is way better than being a nerdy, unpopular teenager, Charlie has to deal with this new vampire menace on his own, armed only with the vampire hunting skills he’s gleaned from watching far too much television.

I don’t really have a single favorite scene in Fright Night — though there are many great ones — but the one aspect that impresses me more every time I revisit the film is Chris Sarandon’s slick talking, Cosby-sweatered, Dad-haired vampire, Jerry.

Chris Sarandon is a good looking guy, but he has a kind of macho yuppie appeal that hasn’t aged terribly well. He gives Jerry the Vampire a kind of sick baby-boomer charm. Outwardly an affable bachelor, Jerry spends his nights with a menagerie of hot prostitutes and attempts to sleep with every woman in Charlie’s life — including his underaged girlfriend. Blessed with a world that doesn’t believe his kind even exists, Jerry walks tall with a kind of confidence that you can only get after years of uninterrupted success. His only threat, really, is the idealistic believer; but those are easy to take care of, aren’t they?

Basically, I think Jerry the vampire might be my hero.