Film Feasts: Annie Hall (Woody Allen, 1977) | Tickets

The ultimate New York City romance, Annie Hall, gets the Film Feast treatment this week, which means our chefs got together with Brooklyn Brewery to put together a beer dinner inspired by the scenes picked by our cinema nerds. Scenes are paired with food which is then, in turn, paired with beers. There’s a lot of pairing going on, you see.

Below we’ve put together a little guide for the menu, which takes us from a neuroses inducing childhood to, just the worst pre-long drive conversation you could possibly imagine.

annie hall 2

1st Course

Coney Island Special
roasted tomato bisque, baked clams

Beer Pairing: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

As Alvy Singer personally invites you to watch and examine the highs and lows of his relationships throughout his life, we’re taken on an insightful journey back to his childhood in Coney Island.

Annie Hall 1

2nd Course

Dinner at Katz’s
pastrami, caraway sauerkraut, gruyere sauce, fingerling crisps

Beer Pairing: Winter is Coming

This moment finds Alvy and Annie during their first date. On their way to a New York Deli for dinner, Alvy suggests moving their first kiss ahead of the normal schedule all in the name of being able to digest their food better.

annie hall 4

3rd Course

Duane’s Car Crash Beer Break
Brooklyn Blast!

While in Chippewa Falls, Alvy has a slightly nervous first meeting with Annie’s family. Annie’s brother, Duane, calls Alvy into his bedroom after dinner to tell him about a private suicidal impulse that he feels while driving along the highway.

annie hall 5

4th Course

powdered sugar doughnut holes, coca-cola custard

Beer Pairing: Brooklyn Monster Ale 2009

Discussing their upcoming trip to Los Angeles while spending an evening with some friends, Alvy is offered a “party favor” by the host and his inexperience in the situation causes him to commit a “party foul”.