Week of November 8, 2013


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This week we’re opening Kill Your Darlings (Buy Tickets), a fictionalized take on the real-life murder of┬áDavid Kammerer by Beat poet Lucien Carr, a crime that involved some of the biggest names in literature: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William S. Burroughs. Here, they are all played by famous, young actors who are all much more attractive than the real thing.

Blue is the Warmest Color (Buy Tickets) continues to both aggravate and enrapture audiences in Theater 1 this week. The best part is when people sit down and say “Wait, it’s how long?” Three hours long, to answer your question.

Don Jon (Buy Tickets) continues to masturbate away in Theater 3, where hopefully he can get some hard earned privacy.


Art Seen: Everybody Street

We’ve got a whole slew of screenings slated for Cheryl Dunn’s new photography documentary Everybody Street (Buy Tickets). Our special screenings including photographers and Dunn herself are all sold out, but we’ve added a daily run of the film as well for those not fast enough on the mouse click. Buy’m up.


Live + Sound + Cinema: Battle Royale at Midnite

A bus full of kids get shipped off to a remote island and are forced to kill one-another in the Japanese cult favorite Battle Royale (Buy Tickets). A pre-cursor to The Hunger Games by a number of years, the film is violent, often silly, and incredibly awesome. We’ve invited Guizot to perform a live set written for the movie.

We’re also sending Carrie (Buy Tickets) off in style this weekend at midnite, allowing her one more shot at wrecking prom before sending her to burn in Hell.


Mean Girls, Mean Brunch

We think Mean Girls (Buy Tickets) is really funny, so we’re playing it. Come see it.

Hal Ashby’s tale of development woes, The Landlord (Buy Tickets), follows Beau Bridges into a stroller-less version Park Slope as the newly minted landlord of a crappy apartment building. Falling for one of his tenants, the Landlord faces down a laundry list of race and class issues, all of which should be mighty familiar.



Monday, 9pm | A really great Simpsons Club this week starts an hour early, at 9pm. Be sure to get there on time, otherwise you’ll miss: the show’s first flash-forward episode, the episode where Mr. Burns sings about killing animals for clothes, and Jasper threatening a room full of children with a wooden paddle.

Thursday, 7:30pm | Williamsburg 3D is a video installation project by David Carlton Bright, who has taken stereoptic 3D video of the neighborhood over the last ten years. That’s pretty neat, so we’re showing it for free in the cafe this week. Or you can just walk around and look too, that’ll be in 3D as well.