Blue is the Warmest Color turned out to be a pretty controversial movie. Everyone liked it, then everyone hated it, now people all all hung up on its secret politics (?) and seem to hate/like it. Two things are for certain though: it has a lot of sex in it, and it is also very long.

So long, in fact, that one couple had the time to pass a fat stack of notes about the movie between one-another (13 pages!), discussing everything from Adèle Exarchopoulos being a good actress to how director Abdellatif Kechiche is sort of an unforgivable, sexist shithead.

I just want to know how they had time to write their notes and read the subtitles. I guess they do dance quite a lot in the movie.

In any case, I took pictures of all of them and put them on the internet. They aren’t in any sort of order, so keep that in mind. Enjoy.


this is exactly the problem. This dude is fixated w/ women’s pleasure — So “mystical” and “magical” in the abstract — his fascination is anthropological and makes it ugly in its worshipfulness — he comes at it with zero humanism. Women are as oppressed by elevation as by subjugation.”


“and I think this is his way of acknowledging them. But (as in 7 Psychopaths) acknowledged misogyny/objectification is nowhere near remedying it.”


interesting theory. but it’s still unforgivably gratuitous and I think it’s just a stretch.

I agree. That scene complicates it though.

drop4“Posed” by Emma when they have sex, then she’s experiencing pleasure but not comfort? Just a thought.”


in a way, the rest of the film (with its naturalism) is not –> maybe the clinical nature of the sex scenes is meant to emphasize that Adele feels.


which seems to me to speak to a perceived divide b/w sex and everything else which is total bullshit and a director this attuned to his performers really ought to know better.


I don’t really pose. Just with Emma.

This is I think the key line of the whole movie. The sex scenes are posed.


the sex scenes would make so much more sense and be so much less intrusive if hey just fucking talked during


that was the first sex scene that felt like it actually belonged in this movie + didn’t physically repulse me.

I was about to lean over and say the exact same thing


So much of this is just how incredible the actress is.

ironic. let’s remember that a great deal of this is from the graphic novel — the text understands much more than the director could.

drop11We learn so much more about Adele from the dancing scenes than the sex scenes


It’s just sad. I thought I was being funny with my remark @ the beginning but clearly the director cares pretty prominently about their bodies. The gaze of the film + esp these scenes is repulsively male and betrays the film’s otherwise sensitivity.


What kills me is the movie seems to legitimately care about H’s thoughts/feelings/wants/needs/fears of every moment except when she’s having sex.