WILLIAMSBURG: 3D of a Decade (D. Carlton Bright, 2013)
Thursday, November 14; 7:30pm | Cafe | Free | Seating is limited so get here early!

Over the last decade, Brooklyn arteest D. Carlton Bright has been filming 3D images of Williamsburg using fancy stereooptic camera do-dads that he made himself. The ultimate result is Williamsburg: 3D of a Decade, an hour-long non-narrative collection of 3D images chronicling the neighborhood, its residents and how it’s changed (for better or worse) over the last ten years.

Below is an excerpt of the film from Bright’s Vimeo page. It has two panels because… I don’t know, I guess that’s how 3D works. It’ll be in actual 3D when we screen it. For now: Double vision.