THX BKLYN: Requiem for a Dream (Darren Aronofsky, 2000)
November 15 & November 16, Midnight | Buy Tickets

1. Requiem for a Dream, to me, will forever be canonized as a “college movie.” I’m sure these are different for everyone, but to me it shares a class with American History XBoondock SaintsEternal Sunshine, Donnie Darko, Fight Club… bullshit like that. Requiem‘s inclusion in this school of film (overwrought message movies, for the most part) is the primary reason that I hadn’t seen it until… well… yesterday.

2. When my wife was in high school, she mentioned this movie to her teacher as being “the ultimate drug deterrent.” Intrigued, the teacher asked her to bring the movie to class for extra credit. Cue the double sided dildo and the teacher’s clammy look of horror.

3. Jennifer Connelly. What happened there? I feel like she was all over the place for a spell and then sort of faded away. She’s still in movies. She’s going to be in Noah. Why don’t people like Jennifer Connelly anymore? Did I miss something important about Jennifer Connelly? Is it her eyebrows? I like Jennifer Connelly’s eyebrows. Judgmental, you people.

4. I’ve never understood why older women dye their hair bright goddamn red. You see it a lot. A woman of age walking to church (or wherever old women go. The store? I don’t know.) with this big mane of straight up red hair. They address this in the movie briefly, when Ellen Burstyn dyes her hair “red” (orange) and then gets angry about it. RED HEADS HAVE ORANGE HAIR, ELLEN.

5. There’s a lot going on in this movie that I like. Some neat editing at play, that scene where Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly touch each-others faces in a duel-perspective split-screen is pretty fun. But, good grief, this movie does not have a light hand, does it? It’s all cocaine and roses for a while, and then Marlon Wayans is running down the street covered in blood and Jared Leto’s arm falls off.

6. Keith David, man. Nobody can play scummy pimp who hooks women into sex-slavery through drug addiction like that guy. I think it’s the teeth. Great set of teeth on that guy.


7. Kronos Quartet provides an iconic score in Requiem. So iconic, in fact, that it’s essentially achieved total cultural saturation at this point. How many movie trailers or fan-made anime music videos has the Requiem for a Dream theme been used for? All of them? It was the Inception horn blast of the 00’s. It really makes taking this movie seriously… kind of difficult.

8. Where in Brooklyn do old ladies hang out on the street like they do in this movie? What neighborhood do I have to gentrify to live in such a place? Brighton Beach, huh? I like Russian food*, I could go for that.

requiem old

9. If it’s not completely apparent, I don’t really care for this movie. I think it’s overwrought and miserable and doesn’t have anything of significance to say about addiction or drugs beyond “BAD.”

10. Seriously, though, don’t do drugs. Did you even watch this movie? Do you want to go INSANE?

*I don’t think I’ve ever had Russian food.