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Your choices this week at Nitehawk are: long lesbian sex (Girl with the Blue Color Tattoo, er, Blue is the Warmest Color, Buy Tickets), literary gay sex (Kill Your Darlings, Buy Tickets), and masturbation, masturbation, masturbation (Don Jon, Buy Tickets).


Nitehawk Shorts Festival

Our first ever Shorts Festival (Buy Tickets) opens on Thursday night, followed by a pair of screenings on Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 23 and 24) at Brunchtime (Which is to say Noon — or, as most people call it, “Lunchtime”). Each screening will have a different program put together by our cinema department from a pool of local filmmakers, who will also be there to take questions/look pretty.


Special Screenings

Next up in the ongoing Vice Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series is William Wyler’s beautiful western epic, The Big Country (Buy Tickets). The film stars Gregory Peck as a (handsome) New Englander who heads way out west only to get caught in a bloody land-feud between other handsome men. There’s a party after the screening with free bourbon from Larceny.

We’ve added a whole bunch of screenings for Cheryl Dunn’s new street photography doc Everybody Street (Buy Tickets). Aside from a pair of brunch screenings this weekend, it’ll also be screening throughout the week. Several of them have sold out all ready, so hurry up and sell out the rest of them. We’re trying to make money over here.


Requiem for a Dre-ASS TO ASS! ASS TO ASS!

Lube up old Double Duty Donnie (that’s what I’ve named my pretend double-sided dildo) for a pair of midnite screenings of Darren Aronofsky’s druggy editing-room porn Requiem for a Dream (Buy Tickets).

Also, we’re playing Carrie (Buy Tickets) at midnite again. It’s like Brian De Palma’s Carrie, except…. uh… Newer.


Spoons, Toons and Booze

Spoons Toons and Booze (Buy Tickets) is Secret Formula’s monthly exposition on cereal, cartoons, alcohol, cartoons about cereal, alcohol containing cereal, cereal shaped like cartoons and all sorts of other combinations (I can’t think of anymore combinations, to be honest). This time the cartoon pool is loaded with Thanksgiving-centric episodes, so look for that Real Ghostbusters episode with the Macy’s floats destroying New York.


Simpsons Club

Monday, 10 PM | Simpsons Club is back in its normal 10pm time slot this week and includes quite a lot of awesome things. First: Lemon of Troy, the episode where Bart and the boys get into a tiff with some cousin-marrying Shelbyville doppelgangers; Second: I found a place to buy cheap Skittles, so Skittlebrau is back on the menu; Third: We’re screening Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1 followed by the rarely seen (unless you own the Season 6 DVDs) Springfield’s Most Wanted, starring John Walsh, doing an oddball version his America’s Most Wanted schtick.