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On Wednesday, we’re opening Spike Lee’s crack at modern cult classic Oldboy (Buy Tickets), locking Josh Brolin in a tiny room for a couple of decades and watching him go all loopy. He’s pretty pissed when he gets out.

Before that though, we have street photography documentary Everybody Street (Buy Tickets) opening for daily screenings after a week’s worth of sold out shows.

This week we’ll also be holding onto our two flavors of first homosexual experience movies, first the long and drawn out lesbian one in Blue is the Warmest Color (Buy Tickets), and the second, Kill Your Darlings (Buy Tickets), where Danielle Radcliffe plays Alan Ginsberg and kisses all the boys. Also, it’s our last week with Don Jon (Buy Tickets), who will stop jerking off on Tuesday, after he finally learns the value of having sex with Julianne Moore.


Shorts Festival

Our First Shorts Festival is all ready underway after a sold out opening night. The fest continues this weekend with three programs: a pair of brunch screenings on Saturday (Buy Tickets) and Sunday (Buy Tickets) for Brunch, and a Midnite collection of music videos, skits and animated shorts from Dublab titled A LABRAT MATINEE XII: visions unveiled (Buy Tickets), which… I don’t know what it means either.


One Nite Only

Before Elijah Wood made scalping women all cool and baby-faced William Lustig and Joe Spinell did it seedier. We’re screening Lustig’s cult classic Maniac (Buy Tickets) on Monday night, with Lustig in theater for you to ask “Why? Why Bill?” over and over again.


Midnite Movie Meltdown

A glimpse at a pre-condo and strollers Brooklyn, Street Trash (Buy Tickets) is the ultimate grossout b-movie. About a batch of malt liquor called Viper that turns homeless people into screaming, multi-colored puddles of goop, the film is nasty and funny, and loaded with hilariously grody special effects. The film’s writer, Roy Frumkes, will be with us both nights to talk about filming in the neighborhood and getting just the right texture of orange snot.


Little Brunchitive

When a little punk thinks he’s killed his older brother with a BB Gun (he didn’t), he heads off to Coney Island to avoid the fuzz and stay out of the pokey and… other archaic terms. For our screening of Little Fugitive (Buy Tickets), we’ve invited Reel Orchestrette to perform their score to the film.


Simpsons Club

Monday, 10pm | Last week as Simpsons Club, Mr. Burns caught a bullet in his chest. We considered the suspects, and now it’s time to find out Who Shot Mr. Burns? (… It was Maggie.) We’re venturing into Season 7 with Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2 this week, which also includes the classic episode where Rainier Wolfcastle gets his eye melted by toxic waste.