An American Hippie in Israel (Amos Sefer, 1972)
November 29, November 30; Midnite | Buy Tickets

The impression left on world cinema in the wake of breakthrough American counter culture movies like Easy Rider and Two Lane Blacktop found it’s way to Israel in the early 70s. Imagine taking the road movie genre, adding a dash of stranger in town, and putting it into a psychedelic blender and you’ve got the beginnings of one of the truly unique films of the era. With nudity, over the top acting, and surreal plot elements Amos Sefer’s An American Hippie in Israel has all the ingredients for a perfect midnite movie.

Thought to be lost for many years it was re-discovered in 2007 and since enjoyed something of a revival at midnight screenings in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The film follows Mike, an American ex-pat who lands in Israel after fleeing the Vietnam War. He gets in tight with a group of Israelis, which is where the killer mimes and the weird robot things come into play. Oh, and sharks. There are sharks.

Here’s a funny Israeli news clip about the movie getting screened. It’s not in English, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how bonkers this movie gets. Nudity and bad acting: the universal language.