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So all of the fancy-lad movie people on blogs and the internet have said a lot of nice things about Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), which has only been out a week, and only in stupid Manhattan (Manhattan is fine, it’s just cold out). So, now it’s made its way across the river and we can play can be in on all the “Okay, my five favorite movies are: whatever, whatever, whatever, Spring Breakers and Inside Llewyn Davis” train.

Inside Llewyn Davis is playing on both of our big screens all day, which means we’ve pushed everything else into Theater 3. Kathleen Hanna doc The Punk Singer (Buy Tickets) keeps being all feministy, Blue is the Warmest Color (Buy Tickets) continues to be extremely long (all ready a Criterion movie, that one), and then we’re playing Spike Lee’s bizarro-camp Oldboy (Buy Tickets) remake at midnight, just in case you want to hear Samuel L. Jackson yell about eating boogers at 1 in the morning.


The Film Foundation Screening Series: Night of the Hunter

December 17, 9:30pm | For this month’s foray into fancy movies on fancy formats, we’re screening the amazing, dreamy Charles Laughton masterpiece The Night of the Hunter (Buy Tickets) starring Robert Mitchum as the worlds most frightening father figure. Screening features an in-person introduction by Bruce Weber and free booze afterwards.


Killer Santas and Bald Duvall

Before George Lucas dedicated his career to tinkering with perfectly goddamn fine movies, he made the extremely odd dystopian film THX 1138 (Buy Tickets). We’ve invited the group Conveyor to score the film, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be kind of nuts.

There are several killer Santa movies floating around out there, but none of them quite hit that yuletide Friday the 13th vibe as the seedy Silent Night, Deadly Night (Buy Tickets). About a young man suffering from a Santa-related childhood trauma  who snaps and starts dealing out punishment to all the naughty people of the world. And, of course, it being a horror movie from 198X, pretty much everyone is on the naughty list.


Early 90’s Yuletide Brunch Freak-Out

Both of our brunch shows sold out at the drop of a hat, so if you don’t have your tickets all ready for Home Alone (Buy Tickets, or don’t, it’s sold out), and Spoons, Toons and Booze (Buy Tickets, seriously though, sold out)… well, I’m sorry.


Simpsons Club Christmas Club

Monday, 10pm | Though Halloween is the holiday most often associated with The Simpsons, the show’s regularly tackled Christmas well with some great success. This week, we’ll be screening four of our favorite Simpsons Christmas episodes, which includes the show’s first episode and probably the best episode from the show’s twilight years. Also some Fox Christmas bumpers with George Carlin talking crap about Christmas. It’s gonna be great.