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So, this is the last thing that I have to do before I go home and eat all of my parents’ food. If you are staying in town, I’d recommend coming and eating all of Nitehawk’s food, because we have a new Winter menu and the steak skewers are killer.

This week we have two films to offer: the flat-out incredible Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), and the flat-out long (but rewarding) Blue is the Warmest Color (Buy Tickets).


Naughty Midnight

Part of our Naughty Christmas series is John Waters’ Female Trouble (Buy Tickets), starring none other than Divine. When she doesn’t get the dope shoes that she wants for Christmas, Dawn Davenport (Divine) goes on a cross-country bender getting into trouble every way that she can. It’s about as naughty as you can get, really. I don’t think Santa would dare dish coal to the big D for Christmas though.


Nice Brunch

We have a bit of naughty and a lot of nice for Brunch this weekend. First is our Free (!) screening of Jim Henson’s lesser seen Muppet classic Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas (RSVP) with a performance by Lloyd H. Miller of the Deedle Deedle Dees.

It’s the story of a deep country otter, who’s dirt-poor but loves his momma. He wants to get her something nice for Christmas, so he forms a jug-band to win a cash prize at the local talent show. Since it’s free and there’s sure to be a lot of kids, RSVP to the event ahead of time and arrive early. Also, please don’t punch anyone.

Now, for the naughtier side of things. For Art Seen this month, we’re diving back in with John Waters’ Pecker (Buy Tickets), starring Edward Furlong as a Baltimore teen who makes it big in the ridiculous New York art scene. Before the film, we’ll also be screening At Home with John Waters an interview provided by our partners at Frieze.

Simpsons Club

No Simpsons Club this week! We’ll be back next Monday with a solid batch of Season 7 goodness.