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New movies! Two of them! Man, oh man. Blue is the Warmest Color is good and all, but have you ever sat through it three times in a day? It’s exhausting. Fare thee well, sex having French girls.

In any case, we’ve got some handsome Oscar bait for you guys this week. Alongside Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), which holds strong in Theater 1, we’ve added Alexander Payne’s newest film Nebraska (Buy Tickets), and for one week only we’ll also have Dallas Buyers Club (Buy Tickets). Pretty great slate, really.


Long Live the New Flesh

Our first Nitehawk Nasty of 2014 is gross-out cinema at its finest, David Cronenberg’s fleshy-tech sci-fi masterpiece Videodrome (Buy Tickets). Like a tall glass of pure, unfiltered sleaze that’s as putrid as it is intoxicating, Videodrome melds flesh with machine, and chronicles mankind’s inevitable plunge into noise.


No Country for Old Brunchin’

Since we’re celebrating the Coen Brothers’ earlier films later this month, we thought it would be a good chance to screen their hard-leather and gunsmoke masterpiece No Country for Old Men (Buy Tickets) as our first Country Brunchin’ of the year. with Tatters & Rags providing the pre-show entertainment.


Special Screenings

On Wednesday, Jan 8 we’re hosting a Film Feast with Brightest Young Things set to Goodfellas. It’s already sold out, which is a bummer, but you can always check out the menu and cry.

After that, on Thursday at 9:30pm, we’ll be screening When Harry Met Sally (Buy Tickets) to help Nylon celebrate its first book club pick The Most of Nora Ephron. We’ve invited a fine panel of women to discuss the movie and Ephron’s work, which includes Emily Gould, J. Coutrney Sullivan and Desiree Akhaven.

Simpsons Club

Nope! No Simpsons Club this week. Nitehawk will be closing early, so if you come all you find is locked doors.