Film Feasts: Goodfellas (1990, Martin Scorsese)
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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to eat like a gangster. Goodfellas is a film of appetites. Appetites for women, for drugs, for money; but also for good, old fashioned food. Meals play a huge part in the culture presented in Goodfellas, between the beatings, the drug dealings and the racketeering, these are men who enjoy nothing more than to sit down to a well prepared meal.


East New York Barbecue
Esposito’s sweet Italian sausage, spicy onion and pepper relish, Italian hero

When we first meet Mob capo Paulie Cicero, he’s quietly enjoying a barbecue in his East New York yard. Paulie runs with a small crowd, only speaking with his top lieutenants. Essentially a cover, the barbecue allows some small access to the mob boss, who conducts business with his crew while chomping on a nice Italian sausage.


Copacabana Ribs
Thai spare ribs, Asian slaw

In one of the best long-form steady-cam shots put to film, Henry Hill takes his future wife out on a stunning date at the Copacabana. Plowing right through the line out front, Hill escorts his date through the Copa’s service entrance, through the kitchen and right onto the floor. It’s a baller move on Hill’s part, meant to impress — and it works.

Though it had a Brazillian flair to it, the Copacabana actually served Chinese food of all things back at its original location on East 60th Street, hence why we’re serving Thai spare ribs for this masterwork of a scene.


Late Nite Meal at Tommy’s Mother’s House
Bucatini con pesto alla siciliana

After Tommy and Jimmy beat a made man to death at Henry’s bar (getting blood on his floor while they were at it, those dicks), the trio has to hightail it upstate to hide the body. While they’re up there, the three of them drop in on Tommy’s mother, who insists on feeding them despite the fact that it’s 2 in the morning. Then she shows them her paintings.

We’ve paired the scene with Bucatini served Sicilian style with a tomato and basil pesto.


Prison Family Dinner
strip steak, lobster risotto, “Sunday gravy,” razor thin garlic chips

After a trip to Florida to take care of a runaway gambler, Paulie and his crew land in the clink together. It’s a pretty sweet set-up though, as the lot of them spend their days preparing lavish meals for themselves. Paulie famously slices his garlic with a razor, so thin that it melts away in the sauce.


Sunday, May 11
Coffee rubbed venison, horseradish potato gratin, red eye gravy

By the time the 80’s roll around, Henry Hill is kind of a coked-out wreck. Sleep deprived and paranoid, he tries to set up a deal with his Pittsburgh drug connections only to get finally nabbed by NARCs.

To keep with the gittery sleeplessness of this part of the movie, we’ve put together a course that’s all coffee and harsh horseradish. You’re going to look terrible after eating it. You’re also going to think a helicopter is chasing you around the theater.


Witness Protection Program
Honey panna cotta, Vin Santo sauce

Considering most of his associates wind up either dead or in prison, Henry Hill gets a pretty sweet gig under witness protection. Hence the honey panna cotta.