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Tonight we’re opening August: Osage County (Buy Tickets), which stars, just, a whole bunch of famous people. Obi Wan Kenobi is on it. Sherlock Holmes is in it. That one lady who always acts like a total ham when she wins an Oscar is in it. There’s a lot of people in it. Other than that, we’re holding on to Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), and Nebraska (Buy Tickets) heads off to take a nap in Theater 3.


Midnight’s Crossing

Our midnite movie this weekend is maybe the Coens at their coldest, their take on the gangster genre: Miller’s Crossing (Buy Tickets). Come watch John Tuturro beg for your life and then… be really sad.


Brunch with Bob Dylan and Nic Cage

Our Music Driven series starts off this year with one of the best documentaries about a musician ever made, D.A. Pennebaker Don’t Look Back (Buy Tickets). The film follows Bob Dylan as he’s making his transition from his earlier folksy days to becoming a fuzzed out rock star. Beseiged by fans and pretentious journalists, Bob comes off like a bit of a jerk in Don’t Look Back, but in dealing with these people every day, who can blame him?

The Coens continue their reign of Nitehawk’s special screenings this Saturday and Sunday with… probably their most broadly popular comedy Raising Arizona (Buy Tickets).

Week 1

Simpsons Club

Monday, 10pm | A humdinger of a Simpsons Club this week (a HUM. DINGER.) featuring three episodes that the Club has on its “Best Episodes Ever” shortlist: A Fish Called Selma (that’s the one where Troy McClure lives in the house from Body Double and stars in a Planet of the Apes musical), Bart on the Road (Knoxville! Knoxville! Knoxville!) and 22 Short Films About Springfield.