Mig Birds

Live Sound Cinema: Winged Migration (2001, Jacques Perrin)
January 24 & January 25; Midnight | Buy Tickets

One of my favorite quotes that I’ve read about Brooklyn analog-electro-drone trio Long Distance Poison goes like this: “Long Distance Poison deploy all of the appropriate bleeps and whirrs calculated to send listeners spinning into a deep trance, yet achieves this all with enuff [sic] personal style to bring forth an entirely refreshing sonic Weltanshauung.”

Understand? Me either.

That said, the group’s long-form works of ambient droning are definitely hypnotic, and, as they showed the last time they were here, perfect for stoner-y, late night nature documentaries.

This time, the group will be at Nitehawk to score Winged Migration, a globe-trotting nature doc that follows the paths of migrating birds.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve collected a few of Long Distance Poison’s lengthy songs below.

Turn on and melt away. That sort of thing.

The Mother of the Egg from Long Distance Poison


Long Distance Poison – Signals To A Habitable Zone – Signal I


Long Distance Poison – Live at Death by Audio | Jan 9, 2012