breakfastclub-benderThe Breakfast Club (John Hughes, 1985) | Buy Tickets 

It was a dark and stormy brunch…Well not really, but the tale of Nitehawk’s first repertory brunch screening certainly had a “behind-the-scenes” terror to it. And since we’re re-showing the film that launched it all this weekend we decided over here on Hatched to recoup some of our trauma and briefly share the experience. 

It was two years ago that we initiated our rep brunches with the appropriately themed flickThe Breakfast Club. As we do, it was pretty perfectly themed with a special meal that came out in a brown bag and pixie sticks but it quickly turned into total chaos when we realized that the wave of enthusiasm for this film was going to hit like a tidal wave. Armed with two servers, one runner, a small kitchen, and one very kind-hearted owner, the next two hours involved an intense amount of running around, breathing exercises, occasional yelling, and lots and lots of booze. It was kind of like a work-related anxiety dream come to life and while we all went a bit mad, we did somehow manage to get most (maybe even all?) of the orders out before Judd Nelson gives Molly Ringwald his earring.

Writing this down, it doesn’t really convey the true horror of a full audience waiting for their first meal of the day but that’s ok because it hasn’t been like that since. So we all hope that in celebration of two years of surviving this brunch and enjoying all the ones that came after, you’ll join throw your first in the air ala John Bender with us this weekend in a little Breakfast Club reunion. Sorry, no pixie sticks allowed!