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This week, Dallas Buyer’s Club (Buy Tickets) gets several more screenings and will be kicked up to Theater 2. Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets) continues to be sad and cold (and great) in Theater 1, while August: Osage County (Buy Tickets) spends its golden years telling you about all about your mistakes in Theater 3.


Mile High Late at Night (Also: Danger Zone!)

Midnite movies of a feather, flock together… I’ve never really understood that statement, I probably should have gone with another turn of phrase. ANYWAY. This Friday and Saturday night both of our midnight movies are about high flying adventurers — one man, one bird.

First: our Live + Sound + Cinema event this month is Winged Migration (Buy Tickets), with a live score from Brooklyn ambient group Long Distance Poison. From the creators of close-up bug-doc Microcosmos, Winged Migration takes a similarly detailed look at the lives of migrating birds.

Second: Uh, Top Gun. (Buy Tickets)


The Brunchfast Club

It’s the second anniversary of our weekly retro brunch screenings, and to kick it off (and kind of apologize for the terrible service the first time around) we’re screening the movie that started it all: The Breakfast Club (Buy Tickets).

Also at Brunch, we’re closing the book on our month-long Coen Bros series with the Coens’ oddball corporate comedy The Hudsucker Proxy (Buy Tickets). You know, for kids.


Special Screenings

Critically loved but rarely seen, Wanda (Buy Tickets) is an emotional road trip film with an improvisational and meditative style. In fact, it was nearly destroyed and lost forever so please join us in a very special presentation celebrating the restoration of important and nearly forgotten classic film. Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive and Marco Joachim.

Week 3

Simpsons Club

Monday, 10pm | We’re starting off Season 8 of The Simpsons this week at the Simpsons Club, including one of the show’s most popular episodes: You Only Move Twice, where Homer gets his dream job working for the nicest supervillain of all time, Hank Scorpio.