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You love Road House, we love Road House! And we’ve recounted the ways below (taken from a previous post on account of our 2012 “Crazy for Swayze” series. The beloved Road House, in which Patrick Swayze not only cleans up a bar (and the town!) but also wins the heart of Kelly Lynch’s nurse, kicks off our February brunch program “Lovers and Fighters.” Don’t miss!

Ten Things: Road House
1) Ben Gazzarra as the bad guy.
2) Probably the most inappropriate fight comment about prison ever!
3) Swayze’s hair.
4) Swayze’s ridiculously cut body.
5) Kelly Lynch’s 80?s underwear.
6) A special appearance of John Doe.
7) A blind musician performing behind a cage.
8) Cars as weapons.
9) Killer sculptures.
10) It’s not Dirty Dancing