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This week, we’ve added a new movie to the roster: the Golden Globe winnin’, Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film… uh, havin’, Italian stallion The Great Beauty (Buy Tickets) [That’s a terrible description, even for you. – Ed.].

We also have Dallas Buyer’s Club (Buy Tickets) movin’ up to Theater 1 for a couple of shows, Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets) keeps playing songs for everyone and then drunkenly yelling at them, and then there’s August: Osage County (Buy Tickets) which will be sneaking pills while you’re not looking in Theater 3.


Let’s All Watch Some Pornography Together

Well, it came in today. Vinegar Syndrome’s restored 35mm print of XXX 70’s skin flick The Opening of Misty Beethoven (Buy Tickets). It’ll be launching our 2014 Nitehawk Naughties program dedicated to getting fancy looking, decently acted screwin’ movies back on the silver screen.

My mother watched porn in a theater once, and she said she couldn’t finish her popcorn (says a lot, my mom loves popcorn). I have been very jealous of that story my whole life, AND THAT’S ABOUT TO CHANGE.


A Long Cold Groundhog Day

A real Sophie’s Choice of Brunch movies this weekend: first. Harold Ramis’s twisted time loop comedy, Groundhog Day (Buy Tickets); and Patrick Swayze’s ass-kickin’ monster truck drivin’ stone-cold ode to being a badass, Roadhouse (Buy Tickets). I…. I just don’t know. Don’t make me choose, don’t make me choose!


Simpsons Club

Monday, 10pm | A doozy of a Simpsons Club this week as Bart gets a job in a burlesque house, Ned has a nervous breakdown, and the Milhouse clan separate, leaving Homer worried about the health of his own marriage; the latter two being two of our favorite episodes… ever. Original commercials from November 1996, and, hey, it’s free. So come watch The Simpsons and buy some alcohol. No really, come on, buy alcohol. Don’t make me come down there.