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Something new! How about that? This week we’re opening the 2014 Oscar Nominated Short Films: Live Action (Buy Tickets) and Animation (Buy Tickets). We are not screening the documentary nominees because man is that the most depressing category on Earth. You ever drop tater tots off to a weeping man? I have.

And that leaves us with the old standards: Dallas Buyers Club (Buy Tickets); Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets) and August: Osage County (Buy Tickets). Do you guys need me to say anything about these movies? No? Okay, good.


After Hours Decapitations

We’re kicking off our Japanese Intensity program this weekend at midnite with a special 35mm screening of the ultra-violent grindhouse classic Shogun Assassin (Buy Tickets). Ogami Itto was once the Shogun’s decapitator, but when the Shogun goes mad and starts killing off his closest affiliates, Ogami grabs his son and travels down the assassin’s road. The two of them slice and dice their way through wave after wave of the Shogun’s men leaving nothing but rivers of blood in their wake. Essential.


Kids Who Spy and Kids Who Listen to Peter Gabriel

We have two brunch films this week. First: Our Lovers & Fighters program continues this week with Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything (Buy Tickets), about a sensitive boy kickboxer who gets his heart all stomped on by Ione Skye.

Second: Spy Kids! (Buy Tickets)

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Film Feast: True Romance

There’s also a Film Feast on Tuesday, February 12, where we’re pairing a whole meal to Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino’s modern Bonnie & Clyde fable: True Romance. If you want to go, I hope you got tickets all ready because it’s sold out (:( for you, 🙂 for us).

Fear not, though, we’ve added a pair of midnite screenings next weekend. No fancy menu, but, hey, queso is fancy in some circles (Buy Tickets).


Simpsons Club

Because all of the snow on Earth got dumped onto us last week, we made a last minute scheduling shift for Simpsons Club and showed a bunch of show-related episodes. This week, we’re back on track with Bart getting a job at a burlesque house, the Milhouse clan breaking up, and Ned having a nerv-diddly-ervous breakdown.

In related news, Simpsons Club is turning a year old next month, and to celebrate, we’re showing The Simpsons Movie (Buy Tickets) in the theater on March 31st! So buy tickets to that. Go on. Buy the tickets. BUY THEM.