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Film Feasts: True Romance (1993, Tony Scott)
Wednesday, February 12; 7:15pm | Buy Tickets

Love can be dirty business, which is why for this Valentine’s Day we’re screening Tony Scott’s and Quentin Tarantino’s modern Bonnie and Clyde yarn, True Romance. Our chefs watched the film and built a five course menu modeled after specific scenes in the movie. Lagunitas Brewery will be providing the social lubricant, and Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. will be there for dessert.

Here’s a breakdown of the menu alongside the scenes that inspired them.


Movie Theater Popcorn
Popcorn, Goobers, Raisenets
Drink Pairing: Laguintas Pils

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do at Nitehawk but have never been able to is order a buttered popcorn and then dump a bunch of chocolate candy into it. Everyone should do it during every movie, especially if it’s a Sonny Chiba triple bill.

Detroit Egg Roll – The Hani
Fried chicken, citrus ranch cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, wonton wrapper, tomato relish
Drink Pairing: Lagunitas IPA

When you fall in love with a call girl and you want to get her out the game, the downside is that you have to contend with her pimp. Now, here’s a not for if this ever happens to you, if this pimp is of a particularly deranged variety and he offers you an eggroll, I’d suggest taking it. It’s a power move, he’ll respect you. Also, if there’s a topless girl on television, we suggest checking out her breasteses. Also a power move.


You’re an Eggplant
Prosciutto-wrapped pork tenderloin with moorish spices, sicilian eggplant caponata and saffron sauce
Drink Pairing: Laguntitas Imperial Stout

Maybe the most famous scene in True Romance is the showdown between Sicilian mob boss Christopher Walken and kidnapped cop Dennis Hopper. Some food-related racial slurs get passed around and, what the hey, we made a dish out of it.


Read my lips… No!
powdered sugar doughnuts with pomegranate and blood orange jam
Drink Pairing: Lagunitas Sucks

If there’s cocaine in a movie, it’s a safe bet that we’re going to make something with a bunch of powdered sugar on it. Why? Because things covered in powdered sugar are delicious. Just don’t put it all over your face or try to hide it in your bra.


Talking with the King
Oddfellows Elvis Shake
Drink Pairing: Lagunitas Kronik

Elvis was not only the King of Rock and Roll, but he was also the King of eating like a fat, fat man. His penchant for fried peanut-butter, banana and bacon sandwiches is the stuff of legend; so much so, that our friends at Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. made a milkshake based off it: Peanut butter ice cream topped with bacon-infused whip cream. Hail to the king, baby.

– Kris King