A little Valentine’s Day love for a very special ‘Hawk who flew the nest this week…our beloved Bar Manager, Jen Marshall. She’s been here since the very beginning (even before the projectors were installed or stools were stationed at the bar) and is what we’d like to call a fixture on the Mount Rushmore of Nitehawk. We’d be surprised if you didn’t know her because I think it’s a well known fact that Jen knows everyone, especially all the good ones, but just in case you don’t…

You know all those themed adult beverages for each of our first run films? Like “The Driver” that has never left our menu since we played Drive. Yep, that’s her. You know those amazingly delicious seasonal cocktails in our downstairs bar cleverly titled after appropriate movies ala the El Topo? Yes, her again. You know all the incredible beverage partnerships for our Film Feasts (formerly Beer Dinners) that make you happily stumble out of the theater? Indeed, Ms. Jen Marshall! There’s about a million other projects and jobs she’s done that we probably don’t have enough bandwidth here to mention. And we appreciate every single one of them.

Jen Marshall, you are Nitehawk. We love you and we sure are going to miss you!