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We’re in a holding pattern this week with our movies, but we sure do have a lot of them: Nebraska (Buy Tickets), Dallas Buyers Club (Buy Tickets), Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), Oscar Nominated Shorts: Live Action (Buy Tickets) and Animation (Buy Tickets), The Great Beauty (Buy Tickets) and August Osage County (Buy Tickets).

If you’ve somehow managed to see all of those movies by now, we have some new movies coming pretty soon: The Lunchbox, Bad Words, Only Lovers Left AliveEnemy, and Nymphomaniac.

The snow is melting, brighter days are coming.


Nitehawk Cinema is About to Explode!

We’re dipping our toe back into the weird world of anime this week with bizarro-cool classic Akira (Buy Tickets). It’s a complicated movie, one that’t not easily boiled down to a sentence, but what the hell, let’s give it a go: There are these kids who are in a bike gang, one of them gets wrapped up in some government financed psy-ops program, there’s a revolution, and a pervading sense that everything in Neo-Tokyo is about to go to absolute shit — and then it does. There. I guess that works.

Our other midnite feature this week is Ms. 45 (Buy Tickets), Abel Ferrera’s seedy rape-revenge piece about a rape victim who starts doling out her own brand of justice to just about everyone with a Y chromosome. 


Brunch On, Brunch Off

The Karate Kid (Buy Tickets) turns 30 this year, which, hey how about that? We’re celebrating with a pair of brunch screenings of John G. Avildsen’s ode to training montages and not giving into raging jerks. It’s the best around in that respect, and nothing is ever going to keep it down.

Our Art Seen feature this week is the documentary that chronicles the eploits of the real life Monuments Men: The Rape of Europa (Buy Tickets). The film challenges the viewer to consider a world without art, and how dangerously close we came to losing a good chunk of European history.


Special Screenings

Tuesday, February 25; 9:30pm | Part of the VICE Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series, The Connection (Buy Tickets) comes from director Shirley Clarke and portrays a group of drug addicts and jazz musicians as they wait for their drug hook-up in a New York loft. The film never received a wide release due to its frank depiction of drug use and language. Squares, man. They’ll never get it.

Wednesday, February 26; 9:30pm | In How to Be a Man (Buy Tickets) a surly former comedian (Gavin McInnes) self-diagnoses cancer, leading him to hire a young cameraman to document a series of lessons for his unborn son on how to be a man, including: how to fight a bully, how to drink, how to do coke and how to pick up women. For this screening, we’ll have McInnes (who co-wrote), Director Chadd Harbold and the film’s other writer, Bryan Gaynor, here for a Q&A after the screening.

Thursday, February 27; 9:30pm | Our ongoing tribute series to The Deuce, that line of movie halls that once occupied 42nd Street, continues with the oddly serious Troma film: Combat Shock (Buy Tickets). A brutal film about a PTSD addled vet fighting to survive in a drug-ravaged city, Combat Shock is considered by Troma head, and living cult movie super-hero Lloyd Kaufman as the studio’s best work.


Simpsons Club

First thing: Next week, Simpsons Club turns one year old! How about that. To celebrate that, we’re going to be counting down our favorite episodes of The Simpsons all March long, leading to a very special Simpsons Club in the theater on March 31st, for a screening of the #1 episode followed by The Simpsons Movie (Buy Tickets).

There’s still one Simpsons Club before now and the countdown though, and it’s a doozy: Poochie the Dog joins the Itchy and Scratchy crew, John Waters challenges Homer’s queer-comfort, a Mary Poppins parody pops in and Sideshow Bob returns with his brother, Cecil, in tow.