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This week we’re opening two new movies: first, Oscar winning back-up singer documentary 20 Feet From Stardom (Buy Tickets); and second, psychedelic historical thriller A Field in England (Buy Tickets), which basically had a lock on cult status before it even came out.

Other than that, we have a lot of movies! Nine total, which is nuts considering we only have three screens to play them on. So, please, climb over one-another for tickets to: Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), 12 Years a Slave (Buy Tickets), Nebraska (Buy Tickets), Philomena (Buy Tickets), The Great Beauty (Buy Tickets), Dallas Buyers Club (Buy Tickets) and the Oscar Nominated Animation Shorts (Buy Tickets). Spoiler alert: the one about the robot dog won.


Special Screenings

Tuesday, March 11; 9:30pm | Titmouse Five Second Animation Nite (Buy Tickets). Animation studio Titmouse, who produces The Venture Bros, Black Dynamite, Superjail and all kinds of other shows, has an annual tradition called Five Second Day. For that day, the studio allows their animators to create whatever the hell they want, as long as it’s shorter than five seconds. On Tuesday, Titmouse will be here to screen all of them.

Wednesday, March 12; 7:15pm | For this month’s Film Feast, we’ve teamed up wtih Captain Lawrence for an all-seafood feast paired to Wes Anderson’s twee, underwater comedy The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Buy Tickets). If you’re curious about the menu, our chef, Michael Franey, took us on a scene-by-scene breakdown of what he’ll be preparing.

Thursday, March 13; 9:30pm | Killer Legends (Buy Tickets) continues director Joshua Zeman’s (Cropsey) investigative work mining local urban legends for the ugly truths at their roots. For this film, Zeman explores four popular myths: The Candyman, The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs, The Hookman, and The Killer Clown. Zeman will be joined by his partner Rachel Mills for a Q&A moderated by Fangoria‘s Sam Zimmerman, who once schooled me about the Cropsey urban legend in front of a large group of people.


Late Nite David Lynch Disco Roller Rink

This week, we’re kicking off our series of late night disco musicals, starting off with the grand-daddy of them all: the otherworldly, neon-drenched Xanadu (Buy Tickets). Touched by his glittery muse (Olivia Newton-John), a painter drops his brush to open the glimmering roller rink of his dreams where they play nothing but Olivia Newton-John and ELO.

David Lynch’s surreal, pulpy noir Lost Highway (Buy Tickets) may be a doozy to follow sometimes, but it’s extremely satisfying to take in on the big screen. If that’s not enough reason, Patricia Arquette is basically naked the entire movie.



Our Badalament series continues into the morning with another surrealist film City of Lost Children (Buy Tickets) from French filmmakers Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It’s about a mad scientists who steals children, and it’s up to a carnival strong man to save them. It’s got a heavy carny lean to it, like Tom Waits songs or that show that was on HBO that was about the end of the world.

Momentous Mermaid… M.. Mermance? [What?? – Ed] Splash (Buy Tickets) turns 30 this year and we’re celebrating with a special 35mm screening. Follow Tom Hanks as he pines after legged mermaid Darryl Hannah all around New York City.


Best of Simpsons Club

Monday, March 10; 10pm | It’s Simpson Club’s one year anniversary this March, and we’re celebrating with a countdown of our favorite Simpsons episodes leading up to our big blowout screening of The Simpsons Movie (Buy Tickets) on March 31. For the second night of our countdown, we’re covering 14-10 in our countdown with a few episodes that might make people be all “THIS SHOULD BE AT LEAST NUMBER 3.”