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Okay, so we have The Lunchbox, Bad Words and Enemy opening… next week. THIS WEEK we’re opening Gravity (Buy Tickets). We’re throwing it up in the big theater, because why not? I watched it on my computer a couple of weeks ago, which was… you know, fine… but I just watched the beginning here in the theater and it was WAY BETTER. You kind of feel it in your chest, it’s cool.

We’re also bringing back one of our favorite documentaries from last year: the New York street photography doc Everybody Street (Buy Tickets).

Other than that, there’s also: Nebraska (Buy Tickets), Inside Llewyn Davis (Buy Tickets), Philomena (Buy Tickets), The Great Beauty (Buy Tickets), 12 Years a Slave (Buy Tickets), 20 Feet From Stardom (Buy Tickets), and Dallas Buyers Club (Buy Tickets).

Seriously, though, new movies next week. Promise.


Special Screenings

Monday, March 17 & Tuesday, March 18; 9pm | Our Music Driven film for this month is The Breadcrumb Trail (Buy Tickets) a documentary about the short-lived Kentucky band Slint. Monday’s show sold out already, which is when the film’s director Lance Bangs and Slint’s David Pajo will be here, but we added an extra screening on Tuesday for which tickets are still available.

Thursday, March 20; 9:30pm | The Deuce, our ongoing series dedicated to the seedy stretch of theaters that once lined 42nd Street, carries on with Massacre at Central High (Buy Tickets).  Not what its title implies at all, Massacre at Central High is neither a slasher spooker nor gory gross-out, but a powerful commentary on post-Vietnam, 1970s American unrest.


Melt With Us at Midnite

De Facto Nitehawk house band Morricone Youth returns this weekend with a live score set to George Miller’s dystopian Mad Max (Buy Tickets).

Our other midnite selection is Eli Roth’s feature debut, the underrated flesh eating bacteria thriller Cabin Fever (Buy Tickets). It’s about twice as smart as it is gross, which says a lot because it’s a pretty gross movie.


Scary Muppets and Some Sad Songs

I’ve never been able to watch The Dark Crystal (Buy Tickets) all the way through. That’s not because it’s bad, it’s the opposite, really. It’s just that Jim Henson’s creature design in it is so good and wild and inventive that… it really freaks me out. Great movie. Can’t do it.

Our Badalamenti series takes a more somber, classical tone in A Late Quartet (Buy Tickets) where members of a world-renowned string quartet struggle to stay together in the face of death, competing egos and insuppressible lust.


Simpsons Club

Monday, March 17; 10pm | Our monthlong Best of Simpsons Club Countdown breaks into the top 10 this week of the show’s best episodes. Come see if your favorites made it; I’m sure a couple of them are in there. I’m also sure a couple of them are not; so it’s also an opportunity for you to get filled with RAGE. Fun, right?