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Holy good gracious we’ve got new movies! New movies! Two of them! Yes! Winter is dead!

Today we’re opening the twisty doppelganger thriller Enemy (Buy Tickets), and crass spelling bee comedy Bad Words (Buy Tickets), where first time director Jason Bateman shows off his expansive vocabulary of cuss words.

There’s still some Oscar hold-over as well, as we continue to screen The Great Beauty (Buy Tickets), Dallas Buyers Club (Buy Tickets) and 12 Years a Slave (Buy Tickets). This is our last week with these movies because we’re open Nymphomaniac Part I next week (YEAH, SON).


Special Screenings

Tuesday, March 25; 9:30pm | One of our favorite screen adaptations of Shakespeare, Orson Welles’ Macbeth (Tickets) is one moody piece of work loaded up with witches and weird crowns. This is part of our ongoing series Vice Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series at Nitehawk Cinema (such a long name), which means we got an exceptionally fancy print of the movie from the Academy Film Archive.

Wednesday, March 26; 9:30pm | This month’s Art Seen features a 35mm print from Italian horror master Lucio Fulci: The Beyond (Buy Tickets). Full of gnarly zombies, a blind prophet and thick atmosphere, The Beyond is part of the director’s thematic “Gates of Hell” trilogy where humans manage to open up a portal to the other side and really… really regret doing so.

Thursday, March 27; 7:45pm | Troma godfather Lloyd Kaufman returns to Nitehawk to show off his latest in low budget splatter: Return to Nuke’em High (Buy Tickets). Expect mutants, lesbian cheerleaders and goop of all the colors of the rainbow.


Kicks Both Kinky and Ruby

Our Disco Musical series eases on down the road with Sidney Lumet’s adaptation of the Tony award winning musical The Wiz (Buy Tickets). With Manhattan filling in for Kansas, Diana Ross takes the mantle as the Dorothy of the 70’s as she heads to meet with the mysterious Wiz (Richard Pryor!) all the while singing music from Quincy Jones.

Things are gonna get real steamy this weekend with Secretary (Buy Tickets), the infamous S&M kinda-romance. In it, James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhall get up to kinky horseplay of all sorts (including actual horse play!) set to a score from composer Angelo Badalamenti. Ever since she saw it on Showtime, my mother has referred to Maggie Gyllenhall as “The girl from that spanking movie.”


Cereal From Space

Gonzo gets pushed into the spotlight in Muppets from Space (Buy Tickets) as the gang discovers what makes their crook-nosed friend such a strange… duck… or… whatever Gonzo is (He’s an alien, it’s in the title).

Spoons, Toons and Booze (Buy Tickets), Secret Formula’s monthly cereal and Saturday morning cartoon ho down holds court again this weekend. You choose the cartoons, play games and just… generally regress for a couple of hours. It’s a very popular form of therapy.

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Best of Simpsons Club Countdown

Monday at 10pm | This is it! Numbers 5 through 2 of our month-long Best of Simpsons Club Countdown. See five of the absolute best episodes of The Simpsons all in a row, leading up to next week’s special screening of The Simpsons Movie (Buy Tickets) that will be preceeded by our pick of Best. Episode. Ever.

Will you agree with us? Probably not. It’ll still be fun though.