thebeyond-1Special 35mm ART SEEN presentation of THE BEYOND (Lucio Fulci, 1981) presented by Ben Rivers! Wednesday, March 26 at 9:30pm | Get Tickets

London artist and experimental filmmaker Ben Rivers selected Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond for the first of Art Seen’s screenings where we ask contemporary artists to present and introduce a film that has influenced them. Rivers’ says:

The Beyond belongs to a period in horror that helped form my love of cinema, and hence shaped my life. Around the age of 11, just starting secondary school, some friends and i would hire vhs tapes from a very dodgy video shop in my little country village. The video shop was in the basement of a church, and the owner cared none for the fact that we were clearly not 18. The Beyond was one of his offerings, and as far as my murky memory tells me, my first Fulci. His lack of concern for plot, in favour of atmosphere and visceral effect, could be said to have had a lasting impact on my own filmmaking, even if the outcome is somewhat different… 

Ben Rivers’ new film with Ben Russell, A Spell to Ward off the Darkness, screens in March as part of The Film Society’s New Directors, New Films at MoMA.