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Tonight we’re opening the first volume of Nymphomaniac (Buy Tickets), Lars Van Trier’s two-part …I’m sorry I’m watching it right now and I’m distracted by the simple mathematics of 3+5. You’ll understand when you see it.

We’re also holding on to the doubled-up Jake Gyllenhaal thriller Enemy (Buy Tickets), as well as foul-mouthed Jason Bateman spelling-bee comedy Bad Words (Buy Tickets).


Special Screenings

Monday, March 31; 10pm | Our Simpsons Club Countdown of the show’s best episodes finally comes to head this week with a special screening of The Simpsons Movie (Buy Tickets) preceded by our choice of the best episode of the series. We’ll also be serving Simpsons-themed cocktails, and have some giveaways too.

Wednesday, April 2; 9:30pm | Baseball season is here! We’re kind of inside kids here, though, so baseball season means that it’s time for the return of our Play Ball series. We’re starting things off with the derpy, but fun David Zucker comedy BASEketball (Buy Tickets), starring South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. $1 beer specials after the screening! Go Beers!



Friday night only! The Troma clan comes back to raise hell this Friday night to present director Lloyd Kaufman’s latest, Return to Nuke’em High (Buy Tickets). A sequel to the Troma classic Return to Nuke’em High, this installment wreaks even more havoc across New Jersey with goopy mutants, giant genitals and a whole bunch of gratuitous nudity. Kaufman and his clan will be in attendance for a Q&A.

Let’s take a look into the distant future, all the way to the year 1994: The incredible Disco-rock musical The Apple (Buy Tickets) tells the psychedelic tale of two young Canadians who travel to America to participate in the 1994 Worldvision Song Festival. Hosted by ‘NYC’s APPLE Super Fan’ (of course) with prizes and pre-screening disco courtesy of DJ BOOGALOW!



In honor of the passing of the great Harold Ramis, we’re screening one of our favorite Ramis starring vehicles: the rag-tag slouchers in the military comedy Stripes (Buy Tickets).

We’re also closing out our March Muppets series with Jim Henson’s non-Muppet masterpiece Labyrinth. Both shows have been sold out for a couple of weeks though, so… If you haven’t gotten tickets already, then no Goblin King for you!