Film Feasts: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004, Adam McKay)
Wednesday, April 9; 7:15pm | Buy Tickets

Nitehawk Chef Michael Franey and his crew have gotten together another Film Feast this month, this time modeled after the exploits of fake-TV Newsman Ron Burgundy.

Below, Michael takes us through the menu, and which scenes inspired the dishes.


Scotch, Scotch, Scotch
half scotch egg
Drink Pairing: Hop Head Red

“The opening sequence of Anchorman is great, all of those amazing one liners. “Lanolin? Like sheep’s wool?” The high point’s the scotch sequence, which is where the scotch eggs come in. I love anything with a runny egg yolk, but to have a runny egg yolk surrounded by a delicious pork sausage that’s breaded and deep fried? That’s the best!”


Papa Burgundy
beer and cheese churro
Drink Pairing: Le Freak

“Anytime Vince Vaughn has a chance to be his asshole worst, I can’t not love it. The nasty rivalry between the news teams starts here, which leads to the massive brawl later in the movie. As the scene starts, the boys walk over the hill eating churros. My idea behind the beer and cheese churros is to make it like a Mexican style gougère, the French cheese flavored pastry. We use beer as the leavener and fold cheese into the churro dough.”


Perrito Caliente Burrito
chorizo, black bean, oaxaca cheese and salsa verde burrito
Drink Pairing: West Coast IPA

“I have to be honest, I am not the biggest Jack Black fan. This is the perfect amount of Jack Black that I can handle, I think. A perfect cameo, hilarious in his crazy for a few minutes, then never to be seen again. This is my favorite sequence in the movie. The loss of Baxter really precipitates Ron’s quick descent to his bearded, milk drinking bottom. For the burrito, we fold our house made chorizo into refried black beans, and roll it all up into the perfect snack to throw out the window at a passing biker.”


We Are Here to Celebrate the Birth of a Panda
panda bear claw
Drink Pairing: Double Stout

We’re closing things off with this dinner with a panda bear claw. I’m not sure if that’s like a normal bear claw or not, Chef Michael didn’t say. I’d imagine so, maybe not though! Kind of a wild card, this course.