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This week, we opem Finding Vivian Maier (Buy Tickets) about a street photographer whose work never came to light until she died. Her work is incredible, she took over 100,000 pictures on the streets of Chicago, but there isn’t much information on who she was — This is where the movie comes into play. This is only a week run.

Other than that, we’re holding strong with Nymphomaniac (Buy Tickets), which bones away and then talks for a really long time about geometry and parking; and we also have Bad Words (Buy Tickets), which doesn’t do any of those things. It just sort of sits there and goes GRAAARHHR!


Special Screenings

Tuesday, April 8; 8pm | We’ve gotten together with ????? (I copied that out of Google, I don’t know how to type that) for a special screening of Paul Verhoeven’s OG masterpiece Robocop (Buy Tickets). Part man, ALL COP — or something. How does that slogan go again? Doesn’t matter. ROBOCOP!

Wednesday, April 9; 7:15pm | This month’s Film Feast is a classy affair. Nitehawk’s chefs and San Diego brewery Green Flash have gotten together for a four course dinner paired to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (Buy Tickets).

Thursday, April 10; 9:30pm | Sometimes things just don’t go your way. You live in a crime infested hell-hole. Your wife and kid get murdered. And look how dingy everything is. That’s when it’s time to get up, grab a great big gun, and then just shoot all of the criminals. Our ongoing tribute to the unseemly days of 42nd Street grime, The Deuce, is happy to present Vigilante (Buy Tickets), with director William Lustig in person!


Dirty Movies & the Cocaine Baller at Midnite

Speaking of unseemly, our dirty-movies-on-the-big-screen revival series, Nitehawk Naughties, continues with another X-rated classic: Evil Come, Evil Go (Buy Tickets). A mixture of softcore sexuality and slasher movie motifs, Evil Come, Evil Go follows preacher-woman hellbent on punishing all the fornicators out there.

We’re also playing Scarface (Buy Tickets) this weekend at midnite. Pornography and cocaine ballers — this is going to be a fun weekend.


Masters of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

The perfect storm of 80’s cheese, the He-Man movie Masters of the Universe (Buy Tickets) was billed as “The Star Wars of the 80’s” by its production company, the cheap-o action movie specialists The Cannon Group.

Oddly enough, there is absolutely no crying in A League of Their Own (Buy Tickets). (This is clearly not true.)

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Simpsons Club

Monday, April 7; 10pm | After spending last month counting down our favorite episodes of The Simpsons, Simpsons Club is back to our normal groove this month with four episodes from Season… 8? I forgot where we left off. It’s season 8. I think. I should probably check on that.