We doubt that New York rapper A$AP Rocky had “The Pastoral Symphony” section of Fantasia in mind when he co-produced the single “Fashion Killa,” but… turns out mixing the two works… surprisingly well.

The song and the animated sequence are thematically similar — guys and girls preening around one-another, trying to act all impressive; the dreamy beat suits the the crazy color palate and mythical setting; and, a few times, it even has some weird “Dark Side of Oz” moments going on. Maybe all of Long. Live. A$AP syncs to Fantasia. Probably not. But maybe!

The pairing also parallels the song’s actual music video, where, instead multi-colored, topless centaur girls, it’s just Rihanna walking around decked out in Supreme.

Fantasia Killa from Nitehawk Cinema on Vimeo.