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This week we’re CRAZY excited to open Jonathan Glazer’s new sci-fi thriller Under the Skin (Buy Tickets), as well as the second volume of Nymphomaniac (Buy Tickets) and Dom Hemingway (Buy Tickets).

In a holding pattern this week is photography doc Finding Vivian Maier (Buy Tickets) — she was in Chicago being a mean nanny, apparently — and  Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 (Buy Tickets), which means you can make your double feature dreams come true.


Choose Midnite

Choose Danny Boyle. Choose heroin-chic. Choose cautionary tales, Ewan McGregor and Scotland’s Worst Toilet. Choose a baby on the ceiling. Chooose 35mm and Iggy Pop. Choose  Trainspotting (Buy Tickets). 



Reality Bites (Buy Tickets) turns 20 years old this year, which makes everyone involved well into their 40’s now. Still, not much has changed about being 22 in America it would seem, at least clothes wise. To make things extra special, we’ll be screening the film on 35mm

Is it really all that crazy to build a baseball field on your property? The townsfolk in Field of Dreams (Buy Tickets) seem to think so. I guess it’s not exactly an economically viable idea, but at the very least you could play little league on it. Part of our April brunch series: Play Ball.


Cafe Programming

Sunday at 11am | Testify! It’s time for another Gospel Brunch in the cafe, where Elwood Cumberland will be spinning rare vinyl from his gospel LP collection. It’s free and goes for most of the afternoon. 

Monday at 10pm | Two fan-favorite episodes on the docket for this week’s Simpsons Club: First, MISSSSSSTTAARRRRRR SPAAARRRKLLLEEEOOOOO; second, the saga of Frank Grimes, Homer Simpson’s worst enemy. It’s a dark episode, one that shows Homer at his absolute densest. The dude just doesn’t understand why someone might not like him.