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We’re holding on to everything this week, which means one more week of blokey gloating (Dom Hemingway, Buy Tickets), a bad nanny who takes a damn fine photo (Finding Vivian Maier, Buy Tickets), a sex crazed sociopath (Nymphomaniac Vol. 1, Buy Tickets), a sex crazed crazy-person (Nymphomaniac Vol. 2, Buy Tickets), and, of course, a naked space alien seductress who wants to take you home to check out her… pool, I guess (Under the Skin, Buy Tickets)

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Wednesday, April 23; 9:30pm | It’s Secretary’s Day next week, so we’re celebrating the hard work of the country’s file filin’, coffee brewin’, message takin’ maestros of the workplace with a special screening of 9 to 5 (Buy Tickets). In collaboration with Brightest Young Things, we’re pairing the film with a pre-movie party courtesy of New York Distilling Company, who will be slinging out free martinis in the cafe. Even better, Brooklyn’s own Dolly Parton tribute band The Doll Parts will be on hand to perform a set in the theater.


Hop a ride with Gus Van Sant this weekend at midnite with his drug-addled road movie Drugstore Cowboy (Buy Tickets), which stars Matt Dillon as the head of a group of addicts who knock off drug stores to score their next fix. The movie also features William S. Burroughs, who doesn’t act so much as go on a tirade about the vast right-wing conspiracy to use drug hysteria as an excuse to build a global police apparatus. You tell’em, Bill.

Mistaken for Strangers (Buy Tickets) is a new documentary about indie darlings The National… kind of. You see, The National’s Matt Berninger has a brother, Tom. Tom is a metal head, and he hadn’t really done much with his life, so Matt invited him along to work as a roadie on band’s international tour. Tom decided to record all of it. All of it. What develops is a concert doc that’s also about creative ambition, having a successful brother and the tension that creates. I don’t even like The National (zzzz) and I want to see it.


Spoons Toons and Booze (Buy Tickets) is like all of your childhood dreams of adulthood come to life. You can eat as much cereal as you want, and watch as many cartoons as you want, and you can drink all kinds of crazy invented drinks while you do it.

This month’s Art Seen feature. The Art of the Steal (Buy Tickets), chronicles the fight over control of Joseph Barnes’s $25 billion art collections. 50 years after Barnes died, a group of moneyed interests vied to wrest the collection from Barnes’s institution to establish a museum, but Barnes’s will and his former students stood in their way.

03Simpsons Club

Monday at 10pm | We have kind of an interesting line-up this week at Simpsons Club. We’re into the show’s ninth season now, the tail end of the “classic era,” which has some…. mixed results. First, a great, but little seen, episode that sets The Simpsons loose on our home turf of NYC — the episode has been pulled from syndication for years because of Homer’s antics at the base of the World Trade Center buildings. The other episode of note this week is The Principal and the Pauper, which is frequently pointed at as the show’s jump-the-shark moment, where the show reveals Principal Skinner is actually an impostor named Armen Tamzarian.