Mother’s Day (Buy Tickets) | Friday the 13th (Buy Tickets) | Psycho (Buy Tickets) | The Baby (Buy Tickets)

Nitehawk celebrates Mother’s Day throughout the month of May with four of the baddest mothers of horror film.

Mothers are supposed to protect their young but in the case of these four terrifying classics – Mother’s Day, Friday the 13th, Psycho, and The Baby – their maternal instincts lead more towards murder! In our monthly midnite celebration of the mothers of horror, we dive into the psyche of isolate backwoods insanity, camp counsellor revenge, a bond that continues well past the grave, and forced infantilism.

These films show the killer relationship between a mother and her son that manifests mostly at the expense of young women. But what wouldn’t you do for your mother, or she for you? Break curfew and celebrate Mother’s Day with us at Nitehawk all May long!