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Not only are we opening Jeremy Saulnier’s revenge thriller Blue Ruin (Buy Tickets) this weekend, its director and star will be here for a couple of Q&A’s too! On Saturday at 9:45, lead actor Macon Blair will join Saulnier for a chat with IndieWire writer Eric Kohn; and then on Monday at 7:00 they’re back for a talk with Fangoria’s Sam Zimmerman, who’s as good on a microphone as he is good looking.

As for the rest of the line up, we’re holding on to Under The Skin (Buy Tickets) in Theater 1, because it’s great; while Nymphomaniac Parts 1 (Buy Tickets) & 2 (Buy Tickets) and Dom Hemingway (Buy Tickets) split Theater 3 duty.

wickerman-sliderMay Day Double Feature: The Wicker Men

This is something that we’ve been wanting to do at Nitehawk for three years: a May Day double feature of both versions of The Wicker Man (Buy Tickets), first the creepy 70’s classic followed by the insane 2006 Nicolas Cage rema–HOWDITGETBURNEDHOWDITGTBRND???!?! It’s our first double feature and we are just about excited enough to dress up like a bear and punch a woman in the face.

shadowofadoubt-sliderVice Presents: The Film Foundation Screening Series

For our final collaboration with Vice and The Film Foundation, we’re screening the spectacular Shadow of a Doubt (Buy Tickets), an early American thriller from Alfred Hitchcock. We’ve even got a recorded introduction from the man himself, Martin Scorsese (!!!).


Our Live + Sound + Cinema feature this month is Fantastic Planet (Buy Tickets) with a live score from Morricone Youth. Fantastic Planet is a pretty weird movie, a surreal French animated classic about an giant alien race that keeps humans as disposable pets, and mankind’s eventual violent uprising. It’s… kind of like Planet of the Apes if the Apes were really huge and blue…. and psychic.

On Friday night only we’re also screening Bob Rafelson’s out-there Monkees movie Head (Buy Tickets).

majorSLIDERThe Dude and Catastrophe at Brunch

Tough choices at brunch this week.

On the one hand there’s Major League (Buy Tickets), maaaybe the best baseball comedy ever put to film; and then on the other hand is The Big Lebowski (Buy Tickets), which, I mean… You know how it goes with that movie. They both play great with a crowd, so flip a coin. Or see both?

04Simpsons Club

Monday at 10pm | Some actual news on The Simpsons front: We’re taking a break! We’ve finally reached the dreaded cusp of Season 9, and things have predictably slowed down. So rather than slog through a bunch of episodes that no one wants to see, we’re going to take the summer off. So Monday is last call on Skittlebrau until August! So long, Stinktown!