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This week, we’re opening Jim Jarmusch’s blasé vampire yarn Only Lovers Left Alive (Buy Tickets), and, in an exciting twist, Jarmusch will be her for a Q&A following Friday’s 7:00pm screening. Bummer news if you don’t have tickets already: they got all ate up. We’ll record it for you.

Other than that, we’re holding on to Under the Skin (Buy Tickets), and buzzed about revenge thriller Blue Ruin (Buy Tickets) starts its Theater 3 tour.

deadlyfriend_sliderThe Deuce Presents: Deadly Friend

The thing I like about The Deuce series is that it’s sort of like “This week in sleaze.” For instance: this week in sleaze, The Deuce crew has dug up a little seen oddity from Wes Craven called Deadly Friend (Buy Tickets), about a girl next door who turns into a killer android. After tanking on test shoots, the studio forced Craven to go back and shoot gorier deaths, resulting in some of the most ridiculously over-the-top, left-field murders ever put to film. 

PIECESSLIDERPieces: It’s Exactly What You Think It Is

Speaking of sleaze, Nitehawk Nasties is back this weekend with the legendarily bonkers chainsaw slasher flick Pieces (Buy Tickets). Pieces is kind of the full package when it comes to smutty horror movies: it’s pretty funny, plenty of people get chopped to bits, and nudity — nudity everywhere. Essential viewing with a rowdy crowd.

3amigossliderCinco de Bruncho

We’ve built quite a Country Brunchin’ around Cinco de Mayo this year. First we booked goofball Western spoof Three Amigos (Buy Tickets), and then we invited Mariachi Flor de Toloache, New York City’s only all-female mariachi group, to perform before the show. Fingers crossed that they’ll play a couple of Randy Newman’s songs from the movie, I think I’d just about die.

Or, if you prefer to spend your morning with puppets that terrify you, we’ve brought Labyrinth (Buy Tickets) back for an encore screening after the first two sold out last month. Here’s your chance to bask in the glory that is David Bowie’s cod-piece.