565x565x1Watch an excerpt of Aïda Ruilova’s latest film, Head and Hands: my black angel, before it screens at Nitehawk along with Pier Paolo Pasolini’s short La Ricotta on Tuesday, May 13 as part of our Art Seen series. (Get Tickets)

Aïda Ruilova’s latest film, Head and Hands, is a 45 minute work with director Abel Ferrara that alternates between his direct-to-camera statements and his conversation with writer Alissa Bennett; all of it centers around the life/death of Pier Paolo Pasolini (controversial director and intellectual) and Zoe Lund (writer and actress). What comes across is the obsession and, often, tragedy that comes forth through  intense creative desire. Fitting, the film is paired with Pasolini’s La Ricotta, a short starring Orson Welles that meditates on religion, capitalism, and movie making.