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This week we’re holding onto a strong trio of movies. The other day, someone asked me which movie of Only Lovers Left Alive (Buy Tickets), Under the Skin (Buy Tickets), and Blue Ruin (Buy Tickets) they should see and I responded “Uh, all of them?” I don’t think that was the answer they were looking for.

Next week we open Chef and Palo Alto.


Midnites for Your Mother.

Fresh from whatever radioactive basement where Troma keeps their 35mm prints comes Mother’s Day (Buy Tickets), an early 80’s Charlie Kaufman movie about a family of mother-loving murderers. If you’re mother has always urged you to kill people for fun, maybe you should consider taking her to see this movie for Mother’s Day.

This Friday we take a trip in our kind of crappy Way-Back Machine. It’s kind of crappy because it doesn’t really travel through time, it just shows documentaries. It’s more of a movie theater than a time machine, really. Anyway, Music Driven tonight goes back to 1991: The Year Punk Broke (Buy Tickets) a documentary that followed Sonic Youth and Nirvana on their landmark tour from that year. Friday night only.


Yellow Boy and Beaches Brunch

This weekend we’re excited to open up Cheeky Monkeys, a Lil’ Hawk friendly series that concentrates on English kids’ films from the 1970’s. The first film comes from the directing team of Powell & Pressburger: The Boy Who Turned Yellow (Buy Tickets), a film about… well, the title kind of explains it all.

We’ll be doling out tissues for our screening of weepy Boomer classic, Beaches (Buy Tickets), which we’re screening in 35mm. My mother doesn’t live here, but if she did, I would take her to see Beaches.


Cafe Programs

This one’s for the insomniac crowd that doesn’t like to pay for things: we’re starting up some free, weekly late night programs down in the bar this week, complete with some drink deals too. Here’s the scoop:

SUNDAY SKATE NIGHT | 10pm – 1am in the downstairs bar
Every Sunday we feature the best of old school and modern skate videos, sometimes with special partners but always with the appropriate tunes.

WTF WEDNESDAYS |  10pm – 1am in the downstairs bar
Showing such VHS gems like Howard Stern Butt Bong Fiesta, The Brain, and Gore Gore Girls along with music and irresistible drink specials (see below). Get weird with us!

Beta – PBR and Benchmark Bourbon – $6
VHS – Pacifico and El Jimador Blanco – $7
LaserDisc – Lagunitas IPA and Four Roses Bourbon – $8