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Tonight we’re opening up Jon Favreau’s newest film Chef (Buy Tickets), a film that has nothing to do with cowboys, aliens or superheroes — which is cool, because Jon Favreau is pretty great when he doesn’t have to worry about launching anything into outer space. That said, I would like to see a movie about a food truck that’s been launched into outer space.

We’re also holding on to Under the Skin (Buy Tickets) and Only Lovers Left Alive (Buy Tickets). Palo Alto opens next week.

ytumama-sliderY Tu Mama Tambien Cine Fiesta

Estamos buscando a México para Cine Fiesta de este mes, ya que estamos emparejando una comida clásica mexicana llena de road movie humeante de Alfonso Cuarón, Y Tu Mamá También (Buy Tickets). Ocho Tequila también nos ha dado un montón de tequila para beber en otros cursos.*

If this doesn’t make any sense that’s because the above quote comes directly from Google Translate. Here’s it is translated back into English:

We are looking to Mexico for Film Festival this month, since we are matching road full of steaming Alfonso Cuaron movie classic Mexican food, Y Tu Mama Tambien (Buy Tickets). Ocho Tequila has also given us a lot of tequila to drink in other courses.

The lesson here is that Google Translate does not work very well.

Friday13-sliderGodzilla vs. Jason(‘s Mom)

This pair of midnites has us all a-titter, two movies that spawned a near-endless number of gloriously stupid sequels. First, we continue our series on Killer Mommies with the inaugural Friday the 13th (Buy Tickets), where Jason’s angry mom kicks off the decades long killing spree by offing a bunch of stoned camp counsellors.

In the other theater we have the original 1954 Godzilla (Buy Tickets), which has  been remastered on the occasion of G’s 60th birthday. Don’t let his age fool you though, mess around with Godzilla and you might get dunked on.


bedknobsbroomsticks-sliderBedknobs and Brunchsticks

In the Disney musical Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Buy Tickets), Angela Lansbury stars as a witch who isn’t really the best at what she does, but she tries and that’s what really counts (Except in the real world, where trying doesn’t really count for anything.) With three kidlets in her care, the apprentice witch gets into all kinds of trouble both live-action and animated.

Art Seen presents weekend screenings of The Great Flood (Buy Tickets), a film-music collaboration by Bill Morrison and Bill Frisell. Bill Morrison will be here in person for a Q&A following the Saturday, May 17 screening!

sundayskateniteCafe Programming

A lot of awesome free stuff going on in the cafe this week:

Sunday, May 18; 11am-3pm: Gospel Brunch | Testify! Demons be gone! Each Gospel Brunch in our downstairs bar we complement  Nitehawk’s Breakfast Club brunch menu ($14 includes free bloody mary or mimosa!) with some good ol’ Sunday soul music.

Sunday, May 18; 10pm-1am: Sunday Skate Nite | Every Sunday we feature the best of old school and modern skate videos, sometimes with special partners but always with the appropriate tunes.

Wednesday, May 21; 10pm-1am: WTF Wednesdays | Every Wednesday we’ll be Pulling from Nitehawk’s expansive vault of VHS detritus to share with you the weirdest in fuzzed out